Bye, ERO Unit. Hello, TDLT

Hello, guys. An announcement about what is what.

I got myself into a situation. I “outsourced” making some parts of ERO Unit, such as smooth 2D-animations for sex-scenes, fixing some bits of the code for it, etc. And production of it is taking more time than I thought it should. I hoped it’ll be done while I’m taking a break after making the platformer, but now it has dragged on.

So, I’ll continue development of TDLT then, in order to save time I already wasted too much. Everything that I could do for ERO Unit is done and what’s left is the outsourced stuff. So when the assets will come through, I plan to compile the ERO Unit’s public build, without getting distracted from the Hades game then.

While we’re on the topic of outsourcing “specifics”, I also have a taker to make the soundtrack. Unfortunately the creator of the music, you might heard in the ERO Unit’s videos (factory, junkyard), denied the usage of his work, to keep it for his own project. I'll use the public domain music, so no biggie. But later the music will be replaced for both, the public build and for the Steam version.

So, what I'm going to do for TDLT? I'll share a rough description of the upcoming works: There’s 50 new maps in the game now I need to make around the same amount more. About 30 of it will be a small interiors for citizen houses; then I need to re-work the script and add some more text in it; after that there’s additional dialogue busts to draw and sex scenes to update for new resolution and to draw. Then installing all of this into the build, bug-testing, tweaks. 

I’m not discreet about TDLT’s development, like I am with the Lola’s platformer, so expect posts about its progress periodically. If it will gets too spoilery, I’ll move it to a hidden page for spoilers on my website or something.

I guess, the longest thing to make will be the maps – it’ll probably take me over a month or so. Second long – the text. I always fuck up with forseeing durations of work, so better judge by the updates I'll post.

So, that's that. I'm getting to it right now. See you all shortly.

Take care of yourselves.