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Another Monthly Report

Hi, guys! I hope everyone's doing great.

This month was filled with work more than usual. I took a couple of jobs on the side to improve my financial situation and I tried to keep up with development progress of the games as well. Also, I took first two weeks of December to work on TDLT, cause I grew tired of ERO Unit and it's a good practise to switch between works, in order to keep the passion going.

It worries me how you guys are taking my one and half updates per month. I don't know how to do this differently right now. Preparing an informing Patreon post, with images and all, takes hours, sometimes half of a day. I'm in a place where I don't want to waste time on sleep even, in order to be in time with everything I do. There's too much work. My life now is basicly - I woke up, work till 2-4 AM and go to sleep. There's a little time for anything else.

I'm not writing a crunch post, I'm trying to explain that I'm devoted to this thing, but other than developing games I have things to pay for. If I don't post for a while that dosen't mean that I'm slacking, it's means that I'm working like insane. And I want to put precious hours into work instead.

I know it's a shit way to handle Patreon (or SubscribeStar) page. I tried to find ways to do it rapidly instead, to adjust updates for my work style in some way. That's why I tryed Trello and that Worksheet widjet. I was thinking to start Discord Server and just post screenshots there or something to show that work is going. But like the other options it has dissadvantage that it's not Patreon. Of course everything should be posted here first. Maybe I should start posting little "proof of life" posts here that doesn't take time at all. But making posts smaller feels unfair. I don't know, I gotta think about it.

In future, when I finally release the games, I'm sure more people will join to be Patrons and I won't be depended on taking jobs on the side, and I finally could normalize my schedule to work and post stuff like a normal person. But until then, we gotta get through this period. 

Now to the usual. I didn't post since 1st December, so I'll make up for that by sharing a bunch of TDLT updates. ERO Unit is doing great, the game is about to go on it's final stages of development, I added a lot of tasty stuff and that's all I'll share for now in order to not to spoil it.

- Clothes changing feature for girls.
I've read about this request a few times. That was understandable, it's a usual feature in porn games, and now we're joined to the custom. 

I want to give a huge props to programmer I worked with on that thing. I won't bore you with specifics, if you're interested, ask in comments what is so tricky about combining two images of a body and a face in this engine, I'll explain. The guy had to invent a solution to go around the engine's programming language limitations in order to made this thing work smoothly.

You can find clothes for girls to buy in shops with this sign:
Changing clothes will be avaliable through dialogue options:

For convenience, choosing clothes will be accompanied with the window on the side, showing you the dresses. Girls will agree to change after you'll corupt them enough. Making a girl to change into any outfit you bougth will raise your Dark Lord's reputation (more about it follows). After you made a girl to change once, you can change her into whatever, the gained rep will stay.

A link on a GIF with animation, showing the changing clothes process (NSFW): LINK 

- Lockpicking feature. In the next build you'll encounter chests, a lot of houses in Corona's capital with loot to steal, importants rooms and so on. So having half of that locked makes sence. 

I looked for some solution that doing lockpicking system in the way Bethesda's Fallout series and Skyrim does it. It looks like lockpicking, and it intuitevly easy to understand. Coding this thing from zero was an emergency option, but I got lucky and I found one. It had some flaws, but nothing that couldn't be fixed.

It was redrawn from this
to this
Changes that was made will explain how to use it: Mouse support was added, it opens and closes faster - now you can lockpick very quickly, like in Bethesda's games. Game's walking screen dosen't fade in dark completley.  If you broke a lockpick, you don't exit the mini-game, you get another lockpick if you have a spare. And every lock has it's own position for a lockpick to break the lock, instead of randomizing it each time you re-enter the mini-game.

You can find lockpicks in shops. Better have a lot of spare, since there will be a lot of locks to pick.

- Supporting window, during dialogues.
Originally this thing was made for displaying stuff that is moved to Affinity interface now. Now it's important part of gameplay. It displays supporting information, like amount of required items that a character accepts, requirements to use an option you highlighted, gold when buying something, amount of dark energy, e.t.c:
Also, it will inform you about requirements to unlock quests. Like for characters who don't trust people like Hades, for example:
- Beside unlocking quests, Dark Lord's Reputation should be gained to have goodwill from some NPCs in general. To raise your rep you need to corrupt girls and complete certain side quests. Also your rep significantly highers by buying specific establishments in the capital. 

In plans for future builds (or for the next build, if I'll manage to work on Dark Lord's manor thoroughly enough), reputation can be raised by improving your manor, by collecting artifacts and by filling your treasure room with gold.

Let's talk about battle improvements.

- We have new depiction of subtracted HP.  In the last build we had this:
Covering sprites with huge numbers dosen't seem like the best way to do it. Now it's replaced by this:
- New solutions for speeding up the walkthrough. 

* If there will be a need to load a game and go through cut-scenes or dialogues you've seen already, you can skip it by higlthy speeding it up, by holding action button on mouse (or keyboard or controller), or by holding Shift. This feature partly was in the last build, but now it's debugged and works on everything that is not UI.

* You can call menu, save and load during the dialogues or dialogues options now, like in Visual Novel genre games. It'll help with long dialogues, where it's easy to mess up with wrong choices (like recruting Lola scene, for example).

* For people who said that battles takes too long, I added this button:
Which speeds up battles. Here's a short animation to demonstrate the feature:
The button will stay pressed through all battles, until you turn it off whenever you wish. The feature is handy if you're up to clean a map filled with enemies quickly. If you will prefer to stick to the faster speed - don't worry about dialogues during battles - they won't be affected. Also, like with cut-scenes and dialogues, I kept the option to speedup battles, by pressing Shift or holding action button.

I also changed animation that runs when you start a battle. Now it's simply goes through fade out and fade in animatiions. To escape overused default animation that is almost on every game using this engine.

As you may notice, I'm aiming to make the game as comfortable and responsive as I can. So it would be easy to navigate in functional that the game gives. So a lot of the features are targeted on giving you the feel of sorta owning the gameplay.

Aright, that's it for today's update. In order to provide lewdness, here's a doodle of Raps:
And a link on her NSFW doodles:  LINK

 Till the next update. Happy New Year, guys!
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Public post

Affinity and Map Fixing

Hi, guys! Here comes another post about features and stuff.

Since the last update I was busy with some TDLT goodies to organize for better updates showcase, and with polishing ERO Unit. I managed to made a brand new dialogue system for the game, which won't be much of a display until I draw more characters to include in a dialogue. So I'll hold on that and TDLT has to puff out for both games this time. So, without further ado, let's get to it.

Beside improvements in interfaces, the resolution enlargement of the game had a downside. Since maps were designed for lower resolution, proper look for some of them was messed up, leaving an unfinished space filled with black color:
That sloppy look was no good. So I blew the dust off my old backup folder and started fixing the outdated maps to match the game's new standarts.
Now the maps are updated and looks like they supposed to be that size from the start. You can see transitions from old to new of every map that was required updating in the attached video, starting at 3:20. (Direct link with the timecode: )

Continuing the topic about interface improvements, last time I described the Journal, let's go to the next on the list.
Affinity is a new name for Affection Data. I'd say, out of all interfaces the old "Affection Data" suffered from lack of space the most. Partly, trying to think of ways to implement in here all I wanted, was one of biggest reasons why I went for enlarging resolution of the whole game.
I had to develop a new sliding window that appears during dialogues as a way around the lack of space here, but having more than one places to have all the required information was bothering. So now that hitch is in the past.
Now, if you're busy with a girl, checking with the progress makes more use on this screen. 

Instead of affection, the gauge measures a girl's pervertion/corruption status. Perks, The Mental Vulnerabilities, and Personality button works the same.

Sex Variations section works as achievements. If you'll do a girl in specific variation once - it'll be enough to unlock the icon.

Investments are tricky, since not every girl will accept every gift, before certain pervertion level won't be achieved or a certain quest/request won't be completed.

After you complete a girl's personal quest, the quest's icon will be unlocked here.

Minor spoilers ahead about a inconspicuous feature. Skip till the paragraph with a mansion if you find this as an important reveal.

If you maxed everything on a girl's screen, the game will respond on it, notifying you about it with the icon that will appear on a girl's chest.
That icon means that she has a specific dialogue option unlocked. If you maxed everything, she's pretty much perverted to her highest available peak already, being a part of your harem at your mantion, or whatever place you put her. So going even more forward will be a crucial for a girl's fate and will affect her already twisted ending. To avoid bigger spoilers, I won't describe specifics of what that dialogue option does. But knowing the nature of the game, I think it's obvious. I'll leave a hint in form of this image:
In the next build Rapunzel will be the first girl who you can max completley and do everything that should be available for her. 

I remember saying that Rapunzel and the mansion I mentioned will go in separate builds, but in order to avoid errors with your save-files, I have to implement The Dark Lord's Manor along with Rapunzel, after all. The lair has significant relation to the girls from Affinity's list, so I need to have it's logic completed with at least one maxed girl to be sure that it won't break anything in future. Anyway during my absense, I took time to work on making the lair, completing a large part of it. So I don't expect that it'll take too much additional time when I'll get my hands on it again.
That's it for this post. Nothing much to report on the developing process as the whole. It's going alright, as usual. I'm glad how it turning out (for both games), I'm eager to see your feedback on ERO Unit after release, and I miss developing TDLT already. 

So that's that. 

Until the next update, guys. Happy Holidays!

P.S. Also, a fun fact

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Public post

TDLT Report

In addition to the previous post.

Let's take a look at first 3 menu items, there's some things to unravel.

The old inventory worked good enough. But the fact that a lot of items make it look cluthered was bothering.

With a little effort, we have this now:

I added categories for better sorting. Since new resolution widened the inventory, I moved window with money and window with items characteristics to the left, so you don't have to read an item's description in one corner and look at it's characteristics in another. Now everything is comfy and readily.

Widening resolution untied hands for reworking Skills and Equipment as well.
The old one:
The new one:
After design polishing it'll look a little different, but you can observe the new functional here already. I returned classical EXP earning, that's increasing by completing quests, winning battles, choosing specific choices in dialogues, e.t.c.

Perks, that you unlock in Affinity section window by completing certain tasks, are also displays in here - the two icons with question marks are yet locked ones.

On the right you can see window that displays character's stats and stats that your wearing equipment gives.

The Journal.
I always found the old one as underdeveloped:

To be fair, it should be called Quest Journal, cause all it could do is switching between quests. 

Also its code has that weird setup that gives responsible funcional only for keyboard users. Say, if you choose Active category - in order to switch on Completed category, a simple mouse click on it won't work. You'd have to exit the Active one (by hitting Esc or clicking RMB), then you can select Completed. After a few hundred times of stumbling upon that imperfection, I decided to put an end to this keyboard despotism. Now you can use mouse to comfortably switch between categories too.

Along with that I added some other things:

Now Active and Completed are merged in one category, where Completed quests stored in less visible manner to demonstrate inutility before the Active ones. I think I saw the same way of managing quests in recent God of War, I thought it's really comfy and I tried to made something like that. 

Every quest will be provided with a fancy icon now (icons on the screenshot are temporary), also you can notice the new arrow icon on the right from quest's name that indicates that the quest's objectives are chosen for displaying near compass.

For better recognition, every quest will be provided with a little image on the right, showing NPCs who gave you the quest. Sometimes it will be a destination picture or something else if I find it more fittable to display.

I decided to include Notes after watching Purity SIn's walkthrough, where she read a code on Alwin's wall and written it down on paper, in case if it'll be needed later. Why not using the Journal for something like this?

Now if you'll encounter anything that will seem important, you'll be notify about it:

And it will be stored in Journal:
Also, every new quest, note or enemy that you will include in Journal will sort in order "the newest on the top". Everything for user friendly approach.

Bestiary will be a way to try to point out enemies weaknesses.
Every new enemy you defeated will be included to the list,

To diversify the topic, I'll mention something out of pause menu. 

There was also some improvements in battles. I added a possibility to pull off a trick - if you attack an enemy from the back (or a pack of them), before he sees you, like on the screenshot:

You will start a battle with enemy turned away, which will give you an extra move:

Meaning, after you attack, your enemy will waste his move on turning in your direction, and only after your second attack they will attack back, if they will be still alive. You can use this trick to improve your odds if an enemy will be too heavy, or just for kicks.

The more enemies in a pack, the harder to engage with them unnoticed, since more eyes can turn in your way.

For folks who require accurate information, before every attack, on the top, you will see this:

It will tell you about amount of damage you'll bring upon your foe, your hit rate and critical hit chance.

Also I added Overkill.

The idea is this: If your enemy left with a little HP (or he was weak from the start), and you still will bring a wrath of god upon him - it will count as an overkill. Overkilling enemies is useful to get bonuses for gained EXP:
(Also, we have the new battle results screen). So overdoing is rewardable. 

I had to edit this Overkill plugin from Yanfly to make this thing work. But still, props to him for giving a base.

About this new gaining EXP screen - originaly it was used only at the end of battles, but after I added gaining EXP though completing quests, I decided to expand its scope. Now you will be notifyed about level ups out of battle by this window:
To keep you informed about the acquired abilities.

Alright, I think I leveled the amount of information with the volume of the post about ERO Unit. I hope it'll make up for the silence. It still tricky for me to focus between work and personal stuff, but I'll do my best.

At the moment I'm planning to do dialogue system for ERO Unit and then script, sex scenes and then we can talk about finishing this thing.

Till the next update. Take care, guys.
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Public post

Development Progress Report

Hi, guys. 

So, a lot of stuff was implemented since last update. Mostly, I was busy with polishing the gameplay mechanis, trying to make it as decent as I can. I mean, having sex-scenes is great, but why bother including it in platformer if it's gameplay will be shit.

There was a suggestion in comments to make skin changing function. I liked the idea and It was added, along with the new default skin:

I tried to go for Akabur's original one and it kinda came up better than my previous one. I don't know what's the colors of this one shoud be, so I went for the pallete I had for previous outfit. If someone cares for proper colors, contact me, I'll add it as an option for skins selection list. The previous outfit will be able for choosing too, if you prefer it.

Changing skins will affect Lola's dialogue bust, I'm not sure about sex scenes - I'll leave it last, if I'll see it as doable relatively quickly - Lola's outfits during sex will be changeable as well.

New level graphics added for "Illegal Sex Doll Factory" that player can choose to visit:

Nothing much to describe here, just some technological environment with wires, scratches and rust to set the mood. Also the slanting orange lines, naturally everywhere.

Some classical stuff like exploding barrels and crates were added.

Crates have high chance of dropping money and very rarely they drop healing stuff. Like crates, enemies are now dropping money too - the toughter an enemy the more cash he drops. Barrels can explode with chain reaction from nearest barrels, and besides enemy it can damage player as well. I plan to do some easy puzzles using the barrels and destructions of crates in large numbers, which feels weirdly satisfying.

Besides a way to make money, a way to spend it was added. Which is through vending machines that will be placed in various spots of a level and through this thingy:

Dahr is an artist who gives Akabur a hand with his projects form time to time. If you played "Witch Trainer" or "Star Channel 34" games, you might notice that the "Dahr's Oddities" brand was used for shops there. Since the game is about Akabur's character, I though it would be appropriate to use Dahr's cameo here too, in the same manner. He gave me his okay and I drew his avatar on everything that's connected to sales.

With the Upgrade Station you can improve Lola's weapons and increase maximum health, maximum cans you can carry and to make Lola breathe under water. After I'll add pause menu the "Improvement process" of the guns will be visualised there as well.

I didn't calibrate the "economy" yet, so the prices you see at the screenshots are at random and will be changed later. You can check how the whole thing works in the attached video.

So what else. I created a few enemies, let's give them a showcase too:

Bug Plug.

I tried to go for a larger version of Spiky, at first (it's the little red dick-looking monster), but then I got carried away. Now we're having a jumping, roaring fiend that's persistently trying to bite Lola's ass.

I thought to nerf him at first, but then I desited that being challenging suits the fucker. I have plans to add to his AI later, and I don't know what to add for him to made him even toughter in Hard-Core difficlulty. I guess, I'll had to go with lame stuff like bigger HP and stronger attack.

Plasma Beads.

Another weponised sex-toy. It pours a rain of slow shots at you. Every ball is a separated turret that can be destroyed also separately. I'd like to thank sex-toys industry for giving a rich source of ideas.

Laser Mine.

This mine not only explodes when you touch it, it also can fuck up a running spree with rail-gun shot if you try to jump over it.

You can notice that it blinks with white light. It was red before, but in action the mine came up as hardly noticeable, so I changed it on the brightest color. Sounds like a no biggie, which will be proved wrong on hard-core difficulty where I'll bring back the red one.


Not much to say about this foe besides strategies of fighting it, but I rather leave it to you to discover. All I'll share that B88B's range of fire is bigger than the range of following player before pulling out it's gun. Levels where you meet him will be constructed in a way to get the most out this foe.

Alright, that's it for the most significant stuff that was made. I can't mention everything. If you want to go into more details, check my Worksheet Archive, I'm trying to note everything there. Of course, it's unreal to mention every little tweak, but for getting some kind of a picture of work process it's enough.

I'm going to re-write script before sending it to Lyk. I wrote it with mindset that everybody played Akabur's games and knows who she is. (I kinda did it with TDLT too). This game will go on Steam, where nobody knows Lola. Therefore, I'm going to re-introduce her.

I'm getting "I wait for TDLT" a lot. I'm grateful that you guys like this game, and I know how waiting can be frustrating. I still can't tell dates. At this point it's about 50% of the free public build of ERO Unit is done. By saying this I mean the amount of elements I planned to include. I'm not saying that to finish it, it will take the same amount of time I spend on working on ERO Unit until now. Some elements are hard to make, some coming out as too easy. But I try to work in progress from the hardest shit to the easiest, so that's that.

I promised to share stuff about TDLT after every ERO Unit update. It was a about a month worth content update, so It will be fair to share the same amount of content for TDLT. I'm going prepare stuff for a separate post about it right now. 

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Public post
Stuff to show

Ok, here we go. This update will start a series of showcases of my recent work that I plan to post rapidly, if it will be manageable. 

In the latter days, I've been teaching Lola how to swim. Since I planned for a swimming mechanics it's a must-have before building levels.  Also I'm on the mission to complete all of the trickiest stuff right away, and everything that is bind with Lola's movement is hardest of them all. So, figuratively speaking, we beat a boss with this one, guys, before dealing with his minions )
What's in this feature. Majorly, there's water that physically responsive to objects that dives in it. There's some new animations for Lola and additional chunk of code that sorts the animation and Lola's movement and shooting, while she swims.
It's still needs polishing, but for constructing levels it'll do.

If it will be a nessesity to complicate the feature, I'll add need for oxygen, right now she's an aquaman. And later I'll update the water look with water-shader or something, after I figure out how to do that.

I finished with the water quicker than I scheduled, so I took the free time before Patreon update to implement a new enemy. Meet Chaser.

Any resemblances with cum cells are accidental. I promise.

If Lola gets close enough, Chaser will try to reach her. If it succeeds, it'll explode. It requires only one unupgraded bullet to destroy it, but it mostly attacks in large groups and it takes a whole heart of health away, so it means business.

I find enemies fun to make. Chaser was a real breeze after the water-work. Now I plan to made a showcase with a lot enemies at once sometime)

Check out the atteched video, if you still didn't, to see the swimming and Chaser in motion.

Alright, I promised to dilute updates about E.R.O. Unit with TDLT features I made. So let's made a little showcase of that game's stuff too.
Let's start with menu.
You may notice that the resolution of the game was changed from 816x624 to 1280x720. That untied hands in a lot of ways. In particular, squeezin information on the screen is no longer a problem.

This menu is coded from zero, the old one was removed. At first, I wanted to have a feature to hide and reveal menu items whenever I need to, but I kept adding to it and ended up remaking the whole thing.

Big Icons that you could use from game-screen are now removed, their functional can be accessed only from the menu now. I guess, everything else you can see on the screenshot is self-explanatory, I'll only emphasize that statictis was added for players to quickly check with progress. To give you, guys, some sence of completion of a build. If you beat every counter - you pretty much done everything.

Speaking of the stuff I replaced - there's new look for shops:

Maybe it's me, but the default one I was using, was uninviting, so to speak. It gave an impression that you paused the game and opened an empty looking menu, kinda spoiling the immersion.

This one is based on a plugin that was reworked significantly. Now shops are having a different layout. It doesn't cover the entire screen, leaving colors of a location visible, so you could feel that you still there. You can see shopkeepers, they're saying something to you while you're looking through their stuff. And you can talk to them in the middle of shopping, instead of a less convenient way of choosing the option to talk or to trade beforehand, then exit the shop to choose another.

Ok, that's it for this update, I'll drop the next one in a few days.

Stay posted, guys!
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Public post

I'm back

Hi, guys, I'm back to add to the indecency of this world.

Before I jump into explanations why I disappeared, I want to emphasize that the situation, I'm going to describe, was started a year ago. It's enough time for me to get over it. So no matter how it might sound, I delt with this, I'm fine now. I'm not looking for turning this into "a feel sorry for myself" event, I just want to explain myself. I feel like after such a long time I should give something more than a simple “family issues” excuse. 

Also thanks to those people of patience who are still here. And to those who took time to wait for my slow ass before leaving. I can't imagine how you are still here, after a year of my absence. I'm very grateful and don't worry, I don't abandon shit, I have invested too much in this game to leave it.

And thanks to those who reached me out. I recieved your emails right in a middle of me pulling my shit back together, reading encouraging words helped.
So what happened. I lost my son. He was taken away due to custody dispute and I didn't take it well.

This mess started in winter of 2018th, which you may notice by my update schedule that became weird, and then stopped completely after the ordeal ended in summer.

There's more to this situation, this whole thing is complicated. I'll just say that I was made clear pretty quickly that there’s nothing could be done.

After that I just stopped doing anything, I stopped caring. I abandoned computer and I didn't feel interest to anything, for months. I'm ashamed to whine about this, but I was a mess. I didn't handle it as I thought I will. Going online, with all the problems I had, barely crossed my mind back then.

I tried to make myself to get a grip, at some point, to stop grieving.

I tried to get back to work several times. I worked with programmer; I did a lot of stuff for the Dark Lord's game behind scenes. 

I could get back earlier, I guess, but with where my head was, I though I could let everyone down, by putting the development away again.

So I decided to wait it out, to take time to recover and to get my head around all of that. 

And yeah, time heals. I learned how to adjust to what happened, I recently regain the joy of work. And now, I just want to work on my projects again.

That's pretty much it. I think it was still irresponsible for me to vanish like that. I kind of saw this coming, I could've given a heads-up. But I was too confident and too careless in thinking that there would be a way to handle the problem. I kind of a always hoped for the best, but I should've known better.  

About a video, I told I'm making. I took a billion attempts to record my voice trying not to sound depressed, still every time I'm hard to listen. The topic is too sensitive, it's the text this time.

* * *
Alright, enough of the whining, let's move to the good stuff. 

I’m making Platformer with Lola. The Dark Lord’s game is alive; I just need to release something smaller, because it might become demotivating for myself not to release any work for too long.
This game will be about Lola running around, shooting enemies with toy-guns that are enhanced by crazy scientist and occasionally doing sexy stuff in between. The title is “ERO Unit”.

It'll have a small story and some sex scenes, of course. There's a possibility that I'll release this game on Steam later, so all characters will be original. If that will happen, every Patron (former or departed) will receive a steam-key, if they'll ask. The first release will be free, either way.

I'll try to post about the developing process frequently. I don't think we'll stick to it for too long - the game will be relatively short. If you guys like it, I'll probably expand it later.

About The Dark Lord's game. As I mentioned, I've been working on this game backstage. Among other things, I hired a programmer and I worked with him for a few months and made a shit ton of stuff for the game.

I will make a series of videos, showcasing the new features, so the Patreon page won't just be filled with platformer stuff. After I release ERO Unit, I'll dive back into the Dark Lord's game and fulfill everything I promised and more. I know it's kinda unfair that after everything I'm distracted by another project. But again, I've been working on that Mack truck of a game for too long and I need to release something else before I go insane.

Now to my site, which I updated; it'll have a new section where I'll post my humble Christian comics. Come by to check it out. I don't plan to post there very often, because I'm here to make games. But it will contain some new pages from time to time.

Also on the sidebar you can find work process widget.

I'm going to replace Trello with this. The Trello itself will be closed. I'm going to post updates on Patreon in stacks instead.

Also, the rewards and info on Patreon will be changed. But all the rewards that patrons have invested for earlier will still be available to them.

That's about all for the announcements. 

I understand that overall a year of absence is fucked up, I won't waste time saying that everything will be better from now on; I'll just let my further activity speaks for itself.

Until the next update, guys. Take care.


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