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I make family unfriendly games and comics.
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Public post
Stuff to show

Ok, here we go. This update will start a series of showcases of my recent work that I plan to post rapidly, if it will be manageable. 

In the latter days, I've been teaching Lola how to swim. Since I planned for a swimming mechanics it's a must-have before building levels.  Also I'm on the mission to complete all of the trickiest stuff right away, and everything that is bind with Lola's movement is hardest of them all. So, figuratively speaking, we beat a boss with this one, guys, before dealing with his minions )
What's in this feature. Majorly, there's water that physically responsive to objects that dives in it. There's some new animations for Lola and additional chunk of code that sorts the animation and Lola's movement and shooting, while she swims.
It's still needs polishing, but for constructing levels it'll do.

If it will be a nessesity to complicate the feature, I'll add need for oxygen, right now she's an aquaman. And later I'll update the water look with water-shader or something, after I figure out how to do that.

I finished with the water quicker than I scheduled, so I took the free time before Patreon update to implement a new enemy. Meet Chaser.
Any resemblances with cum cells are accidental. I promise.

If Lola gets close enough, Chaser will try to reach her. If it succeeds, it'll explode. It requires only one unupgraded bullet to destroy it, but it mostly attacks in large groups and it takes a whole heart of health away, so it means business.

I find enemies fun to make. Chaser was a real breeze after the water-work. Now I plan to made a showcase with a lot enemies at once sometime)

Check out the atteched video, if you still didn't, to see the swimming and Chaser in motion.

Alright, I promised to dilute updates about E.R.O. Unit with TDLT features I made. So let's made a little showcase of that game's stuff too.
Let's start with menu.
You may notice that the resolution of the game was changed from 816x624 to 1280x720. That untied hands in a lot of ways. In particular, squeezin information on the screen is no longer a problem.

This menu is coded from zero, the old one was removed. At first, I wanted to have a feature to hide and reveal menu items whenever I need to, but I kept adding to it and ended up remaking the whole thing.

Big Icons that you could use from game-screen are now removed, their functional can be accessed only from the menu now. I guess, everything else you can see on the screenshot is self-explanatory, I'll only emphasize that statictis was added for players to quickly check with progress. To give you, guys, some sence of completion of a build. If you beat every counter - you pretty much done everything.

Speaking of the stuff I replaced - there's new look for shops:
Maybe it's me, but the default one I was using, was uninviting, so to speak. It gave an impression that you paused the game and opened an empty looking menu, kinda spoiling the immersion.

This one is based on a plugin that was reworked significantly. Now shops are having a different layout. It doesn't cover the entire screen, leaving colors of a location visible, so you could feel that you still there. You can see shopkeepers, they're saying something to you while you're looking through their stuff. And you can talk to them in the middle of shopping, instead of a less convenient way of choosing the option to talk or to trade beforehand, then exit the shop to choose another.

Ok, that's it for this update, I'll drop the next one in a few days.

Stay posted, guys!
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Public post

I'm back

Hi, guys, I'm back to add to the indecency of this world.

Before I jump into explanations why I disappeared, I want to emphasize that the situation, I'm going to describe, was started a year ago. It's enough time for me to get over it. So no matter how it might sound, I delt with this, I'm fine now. I'm not looking for turning this into "a feel sorry for myself" event, I just want to explain myself. I feel like after such a long time I should give something more than a simple “family issues” excuse. 

Also thanks to those people of patience who are still here. And to those who took time to wait for my slow ass before leaving. I can't imagine how you are still here, after a year of my absence. I'm very grateful and don't worry, I don't abandon shit, I have invested too much in this game to leave it.

And thanks to those who reached me out. I recieved your emails right in a middle of me pulling my shit back together, reading encouraging words helped.
So what happened. I lost my son. He was taken away due to custody dispute and I didn't take it well.

This mess started in winter of 2018th, which you may notice by my update schedule that became weird, and then stopped completely after the ordeal ended in summer.

There's more to this situation, this whole thing is complicated. I'll just say that I was made clear pretty quickly that there’s nothing could be done.

After that I just stopped doing anything, I stopped caring. I abandoned computer and I didn't feel interest to anything, for months. I'm ashamed to whine about this, but I was a mess. I didn't handle it as I thought I will. Going online, with all the problems I had, barely crossed my mind back then.

I tried to make myself to get a grip, at some point, to stop grieving.

I tried to get back to work several times. I worked with programmer; I did a lot of stuff for the Dark Lord's game behind scenes. 

I could get back earlier, I guess, but with where my head was, I though I could let everyone down, by putting the development away again.

So I decided to wait it out, to take time to recover and to get my head around all of that. 

And yeah, time heals. I learned how to adjust to what happened, I recently regain the joy of work. And now, I just want to work on my projects again.

That's pretty much it. I think it was still irresponsible for me to vanish like that. I kind of saw this coming, I could've given a heads-up. But I was too confident and too careless in thinking that there would be a way to handle the problem. I kind of a always hoped for the best, but I should've known better.  

About a video, I told I'm making. I took a billion attempts to record my voice trying not to sound depressed, still every time I'm hard to listen. The topic is too sensitive, it's the text this time.

* * *
Alright, enough of the whining, let's move to the good stuff. 

I’m making Platformer with Lola. The Dark Lord’s game is alive; I just need to release something smaller, because it might become demotivating for myself not to release any work for too long. 
This game will be about Lola running around, shooting enemies with toy-guns that are enhanced by crazy scientist and occasionally doing sexy stuff in between. The title is “ERO Unit”.

It'll have a small story and some sex scenes, of course. There's a possibility that I'll release this game on Steam later, so all characters will be original. If that will happen, every Patron (former or departed) will receive a steam-key, if they'll ask. The first release will be free, either way.

I'll try to post about the developing process frequently. I don't think we'll stick to it for too long - the game will be relatively short. If you guys like it, I'll probably expand it later.

About The Dark Lord's game. As I mentioned, I've been working on this game backstage. Among other things, I hired a programmer and I worked with him for a few months and made a shit ton of stuff for the game.

I will make a series of videos, showcasing the new features, so the Patreon page won't just be filled with platformer stuff. After I release ERO Unit, I'll dive back into the Dark Lord's game and fulfill everything I promised and more. I know it's kinda unfair that after everything I'm distracted by another project. But again, I've been working on that Mack truck of a game for too long and I need to release something else before I go insane.

Now to my site, which I updated; it'll have a new section where I'll post my humble Christian comics. Come by to check it out. I don't plan to post there very often, because I'm here to make games. But it will contain some new pages from time to time.

Also on the sidebar you can find work process widget.
I'm going to replace Trello with this. The Trello itself will be closed. I'm going to post updates on Patreon in stacks instead.

Also, the rewards and info on Patreon will be changed. But all the rewards that patrons have invested for earlier will still be available to them.

That's about all for the announcements. 

I understand that overall a year of absence is fucked up, I won't waste time saying that everything will be better from now on; I'll just let my further activity speaks for itself.

Until the next update, guys. Take care.


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