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Notifying About Changes

Hi guys! 🖐 A quick notify, before a big update: I'm preparing a revamp of the Patreon page  (which will affect SStar subscribers as well). Important changes will affect the page's tiers reguarding beta-versions. I borrowed a system of releasing beta-builds from my colleague, to make The Dark Lord's Trip come out faster. I'll explain in more detail later.

Meanwhile, you can visit my website to check on work progress, if you don't mind spoilers. I reworked it to display my Worksheet in which I post regular updates. Progress on the Patreon will be also displayed there.

Stay tuned. Sorry for the periodic hibernation.
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Public post

Mapping #2

Hi, guys. 
I hope, since the last update, time went nice and leisurely for you. For me it flew unnoticeably, feeling somewhat like two weeks. I was in the zone, making maps and coding scripts for them, completely immersed in the process. Days turned into hours, need for food was something I had to remind myself about and sleep became an annoying interruption from the work flow.
I find it quite therapeutic to get lost in the work like that. But it comes with a risk that people can declare you dead, so it’s time to tear myself from it and share some sneak peeks and stuff with you, guys)
Spoilers ahead! If you want to restrain yourself from the minor spoilers, like names and such, I suggest checking out the screenshots (they’re fairly spoiler-free) and skip the rest to the part where I warmly say goodbyes.
At the moment 75% of mapping is done. It took longer than I planned, as usual. The game’s got new underground maps, caves, outside maps (forest, sky islands), The Dark Lord’s Test Hall, Vardaros City, houses, quests related maps and secret locations. A lot of space to walk around looking for adventures for your dick.
Also I managed to pull off some new tricks from the engine, in form of script+event based animations to please your eye. Some of which took a mighty effort to made, specially the two on Sky Islands. I eager to see what are you guys will think of it.
The Vardaros map, along with its “city gates” location took me two weeks to make. I tried to keep the atmosphere of the place from Rapunzel’s tv-show. I’ll leave it to you to judge if I managed to do that or not. On the location, that will be available to you, there’s three districts and a small market square platform. Two houses are available for creeping around inside, at the moment.
Here’s some sneak peek screenshots of the maps I worked on, yet to be filled with NPCs:

I always think that stuff I do could be made better, so not the top notch stuff, as I see it, but I try.  All the images can be enlarged if opened separatley. 

About ERO Unit, I had to put it aside, until I finish with the TDLT build. It didn’t work out with the guy I ordered animations from, unfortunately. I thought about releasing it with static images instead, for checking out the control mechanics, but I don’t want to half-ass it. Sex scenes are important parts of the game and they will look weird as non-animated, where everything else in the game moves. So with a heavy heart, Lola’s personal adventures are still paused, until I sort it out with another freelancer.

Almost forgot, I’m thinking to implement a feature I came up with the other day, which will help players who aim on a pacifist walkthrough. Engagement with enemies will be diversified and avoiding battles will become a rewardable effort if you'll go for it. At the same time it should be quick and not too distracting from a regular walking around.

So if you won’t feel like fighting, there will be ways to take another approach. I’ll be thinking about including a full route without seeing a battle screen, no promises for the next build yet.

So that’s about it for the post. Thanks for the constant support, while I’m doing this, guys, you're awesome!

Take care and have a lovely day. 
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Public post

Mapping #1

Hey, guys!

In this post I'll cover some parts of the game's upcomming plot to explain necessity of the maps I'm working on at the moment. So medium spoilers ahead (expect a lot of them in future). 

The work is going, a lot of maps are done, a lot of maps to do. Since the last post I was polishing maps I've made earlier and creating new ones. Right now I'm focused on building the road between two locations you see in circles on the Fast Travel Map on top. 

Eastern Maps pack. In the last build you might remember that the way on East from Old Corona Village (former Damcus Village) ended on the map that had a mine:
In the upcomming build It will be continued:

I tried to make it diverse in order to make the maps not to feel repetitive, since this is supposed to be the longest way on the continent to travel somewhere without encountering a portal. You'll find standard stuff on the way - events, secrets and enemies to fight, or sneak by.

The town, that will be the destination, is important to complete king Frederic's quests, completion of which is tied to completing Rapunzel's arc. So for wrapping everything up about her in the next update, building the road is unavoidable. I won't be making the whole town though, just the entrance map.

The town was mentioned in the last build by the name "Feritatem". I wanted to make a sort of a ghetto grim looking place, ruled by a mobster or something, where civilians are rude and criminals are welcome. Like anti-Corona capital town. Where I can put characters that felt out of place in a happy place like the capital.

Feritatem was mine non-canonical addition, before Disney stepped in with the Rapunzel's TV-series expanding the lore, presenting us a town called Vardaros. Which was everything I wanted and more! It's non-welcoming place, filled with grim people, ruled by a kingpin named Baron. It's like someone leaked my draft script to them and they decided to low-key assist to our little project.
They even took it unnecessarily further and made it in form of vagina. Thanks for looking out, Disney.

Northern Maps pack. Aside of the road to Vardaros, I finished polishing the road to the Farm, along with all interious of buildings and caves you can find in these maps. It's implemented in the game and tested on clips and mismatches.

Again, the needy king Frederic will give you quest that covers visiting the northern village, so this pack will be extended a little further.

With that being mentioned, this concludes the work report. Right now I continue making the road to Vardaros. By the Fast Travel Map you can tell that I'm almost there. I say 2 maps short. I'm hoping to complete the town's entrance until 20th of July. Then we're going to build the location next to it.

Best wishes to you, guys!

P.S. While I was typing this post, Patreon censored two words that I often used earlier on this page. Which means, it's the matter of time when they ask to remove them too. So, I'll make some censoring works. Until the same won't be required for my SStar page, it shall remain in all its uncesoured glory.
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Public post

Bye, ERO Unit. Hello, TDLT

Hello, guys. An announcement about what is what.

I got myself into a situation. I “outsourced” making some parts of ERO Unit, such as smooth 2D-animations for sex-scenes, fixing some bits of the code for it, etc. And production of it is taking more time than I thought it should. I hoped it’ll be done while I’m taking a break after making the platformer, but now it has dragged on.

So, I’ll continue development of TDLT then, in order to save time I already wasted too much. Everything that I could do for ERO Unit is done and what’s left is the outsourced stuff. So when the assets will come through, I plan to compile the ERO Unit’s public build, without getting distracted from the Hades game then.

While we’re on the topic of outsourcing “specifics”, I also have a taker to make the soundtrack. Unfortunately the creator of the music, you might heard in the ERO Unit’s videos (factory, junkyard), denied the usage of his work, to keep it for his own project. I'll use the public domain music, so no biggie. But later the music will be replaced for both, the public build and for the Steam version.

So, what I'm going to do for TDLT? I'll share a rough description of the upcoming works: There’s 50 new maps in the game now I need to make around the same amount more. About 30 of it will be a small interiors for citizen houses; then I need to re-work the script and add some more text in it; after that there’s additional dialogue busts to draw and sex scenes to update for new resolution and to draw. Then installing all of this into the build, bug-testing, tweaks. 

I’m not discreet about TDLT’s development, like I am with the Lola’s platformer, so expect posts about its progress periodically. If it will gets too spoilery, I’ll move it to a hidden page for spoilers on my website or something.

I guess, the longest thing to make will be the maps – it’ll probably take me over a month or so. Second long – the text. I always fuck up with forseeing durations of work, so better judge by the updates I'll post.

So, that's that. I'm getting to it right now. See you all shortly.

Take care of yourselves.
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Public post

Report, Pt. 2

In addition to the previous post. In which I told that I'll mention the translation functional.

I imagine, that translation feature would be interesting for a narrow circle of people. If you're not interested in translating TDLT's text, you might want to skip the next few paragraphs untill you reach Fast Travel feature.

Not sure why this is a thing, but I received a lot of emails and comments from people willing to translate TDLT on various languages. There was even more requests for that than for “changing girls clothes” feature. In general, I don't mind – I was looking for a way to place all the text in one single file anyway – so I was thinking that I might as well to include an option to swap differently translated text files among themselves in game's menu.

That was made. The whole game's text is stored in en.json file, which is English, by default:

In the settings.json, using the analogy of installed translations, you can add your own language:

Made a copy of en.json, call it as you called your “Locale”, keeping it's extension, and you can start translating.

You don't have to use RPG Maker – just a text editor that can save your work in UTF-8 encoding. I recommend Notepad++. Just run the game, use saving and loading, to check on your new text, to make sure that it fits all the windows borders.

I will make a page on my website and a video later, explaining it in more detail how to set this thing up, all the code examples of breaking lines/showing symbols and icons. What you should or shouldn't touch in your text-files. I've been told that the current font supports over 70 languages, but, in case if it doesn't cover yours – I'll mention how to change it on your own too.

I tried to keep it as simple as I could and, I imagine, all of that is intuitively easy to figure it out by yourself. But I recommend to get acquainted with the instructions anyway.

I haven't decided how I will include your translations in the game yet. I need to think of the way how to know that it's accurately translated on a language that is unfamiliar for me. I'll figure it out later. 

A word of warning – don't try to translate text from the previous build in order to apply it for the upcoming build – I rewrote significant portion of text from there in order to make it less dragging. Foreseeing the concern – I don't intent to rewrite the text in future too much. If I will, I'll point out every line.

About the changes for Fast Travel function, I mentioned.

The old look:

The new look:

Now the map's layout is more observant here. After some coding we have this new “Lair” tab for your manor, which will be hidden until you obtain it. Also in the previous build the description text and the text on tabs was “imprinted” on the image. That was changed, now it's a regular text that people can translate without using image editors.

Damcus village was renamed. I watched Rapunzel's tv-series, and pretty much similarly placed (and looking) village, has the name “Old Corona Village” there. On which it was renamed for the future builds. The wall is also in canon, therefore it's in the game, decorating maps.

Along with all of that, gameplay mechanic for using the feature changed – now you can fast travel only under an open sky. Teleporting from caves, houses, etc. will be possible only by using purposely placed devices that you can't carry.

Revenge attack.

After a certain level of corruption and a few orgasms, for a usual girl you'll see the indication icon near her name in Affinity, in form of heart. This means that she fell for Hades. However, for girls in your party (besides Lola there will be another one, in future), you'll see this icon:
That means that a girl starts to care about Hades more that usual, and becomes emotional if he gets hurt in battles. So after Hades gets hit, there's a chance that she'll react with responsive attack:

This can be used to deal additional damage. I didn't test it yet, but in theory you can use 2 girls like that, to deal double counter-damage. 

Making Hades to do the same works out of his practical interest in keeping a girl safe. For that you need to complete special quests for the girl, making right choices in dialogues.


If you'll see shadows of moving fish in water – you can find fishing spot somewhere near, which will appear if you'll come close to it.
By interacting with it you'll start the mini-game:

It based on Galv's fishing plugin that was edited a little, in order to allow you to clear every fish pond separately (also rod's reel sound was fixed). The amount of fish-shadows you see equals the amount of fish left in a water, to make it easier to check if you cleared it or not.

Getting fish is highly valuable – it costs a lot if you sell it, and if you cook it – it costs even more and it works like a big healing potion, plus 200 HP from Red Hood's perk if you have it. Also, besides fish – you might find valuable stuff on the bottom. 

Other than doing it for couple of quests, fishing is optional. But, for the benefits it gives, I recommend getting a hang of it.

I won't complicate this thing with different baits – there will be only two hooks – one for fish, another one for stuff you can lift from the bottom. There will be different fishing rods though, with different strength. If a fish or a stash turned out to be stronger (heavier) than your rod can handle – there's a change to lose your hook, so it's good sense to have a spare.

A video, showing the fishing process:


Extended Area for interaction.

In the previous build, in order to get to the second floor in houses, you had to click here:

But after suffering through severe mental pain of watching Purity trying to use the stairs, clicking everywhere around this square and eventually going to conclusion that the second floor is probably unavailable, I decided to sponsor development of a plugin that expands the clickable area:
Now, when you click on the whole stairs area, the game thinks that you clicked on the little square, sending Hades to it.

Here's a video, demonstrating how it works (there's also Lockpicking in action):


I found a use for this feature to solve other confusing moments:

For example, after clicking on receptionist in hotel, Hades won't go around the counter like in the previous build, but he properly will take a position before the counter, looking at the girl.

Map reconstructing for keyboard users.

Continuing the topic of increasing of comfortable playthrough. I remember reading feedback somewhere, from keyboard/controller users about wonky mapping in some areas. For mouse users those places are unnoticeable – you just click on the destination point and Hades will go there walking around obstacles with no effort.

RPG Maker engine added mouse support only in the latest version, before that there was no official mouse support for 20+ years, so it's understandble that no matter how I try to encourage you to play with mouse (which is better for this game in every way), there will be a lot of players who prefer the old school controls. 

For you, guys, the questionable places are simplified.



I added about 50 new maps by now and with all of them I tried to stick to this less wonky way of mapping.


Speaking of mapping –  I'm trying to make it doable to walk everywhere on a peaceful map easily, without trying to find ways to go around tons of obstructions. No matter how tightly objects on the map are placed. I don't see point of complicating those sort of maps, other than wasting time.
With trials and errors I tried to find a way of constructing specific maps in a way that walking through tighly placed objects doesn't feel wrong. On the video you can see how it came out:


Again, it's more relatable to mouse users, since the pathfinding does all the magic here.

New pathfinding algorithm.

By the way, about the pathfinding – I found a way how to keep smart pathfinding that uses diagonal movement and don't cause lags if a map have over 100 intractable objects on it. I won't bore you with technicalities, I'll just say that this engine's programming language is slow by itself, and I had to literally made pathfinding dumber in the previous builds, to make the game run smoothly on large maps.

Thanks to Seea, who focused on this very issue, we're having the solution. The pathfinding is not causing lags anymore, being smart again.

In the previous build:

In the build to come:

is now available everywhere where a list of items doesn't fit in its windows borders. Also it appears near dialogue choices too, if there's too many of them.

It'll appear if you hold it with mouse; scroll a list with your mouse wheel; or running through the list with keyboard. 

So that's that. On the whole almost every aspect of the game was edited or tweaked, in order to make the game more giving. Hopefully, you'll find this goal achieved after release.

I'm very grateful to you, guys, for sticking with me, giving me chance to develop this thing. With your help and refusal to cut off oxygen, while it was laying in coma, the game breathes now and wants to shine.

At the momment I'm woking on last stages of ERO Unit's public version. My primary goal now is to finish the platformer already. It'll take time, so expect that there will probably be a gap between updates again.

I'll be checking comments here and on my website daily though, so if you'll have questions - I'll be available.

See you soon, guys. Take care!

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Public post

Report, Pt.1

Hi, guys. Sorry for the silence yet again. I tried to make this post to be the platformer release already, being positive that I'll make it before March, but the need for money won. The job I took on the side, which I mentioned in December, turned into a project that I took part in. This helped with improving my financial situation considerably, but it ate about a month from games development along with that.

With luck, I'll release it this month, but if I won't manage, the game will see the light in April. Then I'll switch to TDLT.

So it's been two months, and you know I can't stomach short “proof of life” posts, after not being there for too long, so I owe you two big ones at least. Thankfully, there's still a lot to unravel for TDLT, so let's get to it.

In this post we'll finish with the menu items and, if the post won't came up as too big, I'll share a light on a new gameplay mechanic that I finally completely debugged a month ago.

Concerning menu we stopped at Affinity last time. I'll skip Fast Travel and interaction with party members – the interaction stayed the same and I'll better mention fixes that I did for Fast Travel in the next post where I'll describe translation functional, you'll get what I mean there. You might notice that I changed the font, since the previous one messed up the translation functional, I'll mention the details about it later as well.

CG Gallery.

I stole this idea from Akabur's Princess Trainer. Sex scenes are constructed from parts of pictures, layered on one another. In the process of the scene, some parts are being changed, added or removed. This gallery takes those parts and reproduces the scene in form of a slide-show. So if you went through a scene in the game, it'll be unlocked in the gallery forever even if you'll start a new game. Now you always can revisit it if you wish.

I planned something that's worth mentioning: I'm going to redraw Red Hood's handjob and Tara's blowjob scenes to make it more appealing – I updated my drawing skills since the last update and those two scenes won't work with the stuff I prepared. This job will be set aside for last, only if preparing the next build won't take too much time after releasing ERO Unit.


(I've been warned that leaving direct links on non-censored images can get me into trouble on Patreon, so I'll have to do without it from now on. Anyway all the censored stuff from this post was already shown in the game and in doodles I posted earlier)

This idea was stolen from Dahr. The cards are collectibles that can be found throughout the game's world. As a rule, I'll stick to displaying porn with fictional characters that have some relation to fantasy works, or non-modern times at least. 

I worked with this one while I cut myself out from the world, being head-deep into the development and I kind of unnecessarily overcomplicated this thing) The Card gallery handles different frames for different images with different text that's being processed separately in the plugin's database. Some cards can be rotated in horizontal position (by the plugin). And it has smooth animation when you find a card.
Today I could easily go with mildly tweaked CG Gallery analog instead, but what's done is done. Now we have this awesome system to handle a simple thing as cards) 

There will be 7 cards in the next build. I plan to add 2-3 in each build to come. 

This collectible has a reward if you'll achieve 100% completion for it. It's too early to talk about it before I'll lead the main quest to its end at least, but I'm thinking to have a secret option in the start menu unlocked that will lead you on a secret level.


I always saw achievements as checkpoints from developers to experience all what game can offer, generally. I tend to treat it that way as well.

We had it in previous build, that's how it looked:
I found the number of displayed achievements as too small. Also with the number of achievements I implemented, the fact that you'd have to scroll them - seemed to me as unnecessary drag. So that's how it looks now:
(the icons with skull are placeholders.)

That way overview should be quicker now. There will be no reward; the purpose of the achievements is to make you not miss anything in a build, if you're going for a full completion.

There's also Sketches Gallery I won't show here, cause it looks and works just like CG Gallery. Only it doesn't construct scenes out of images-layers, it just shows you full-sized images with sketches of the game. It's located at the start menu in Extras.

Once you unlocked something in CG Gallery, Cards, Achievements or Sketches - it will stay unlocked even if you start a new game.

mostly stayed the same. I added a new function:
It makes dialogue text to show right away, without the typing effect (when letters appear gradually) that was by default in the previous builds. I know some people prefer it like that, so here you go.

Cheats can be unlocked by this thing now:
I'm thinking to rename “Cheats” to avoid confusion, because cheats are cosmetic in this game. They will affect stuff like party member's skins or layout of UI, etc. No god mode or gold or anything that can affect gameplay in a considerable way.

I'll post the codes later somewhere.

So, that wraps up the menu. As you can see, a lot of work was invested into it. I tried to complete everything that bothered me about it, so I would never have to come back to it again. I believe it was achieved.

Let's share a light on the gameplay mechanic I mentioned. At some point in the game you'll get the grappling hook.
This devise will get you to places that you can't reach on foot, or it will help to shorten you path to get somewhere. I already added various levels that require to use it, so before getting the device, you'll encounter this hooks:
Later you'll find out why are they there and that you can use grappling hook on them.

The hook's look is a semi-placeholder. I probably will change the design, the fact that it looks like question mark seems too associated, but it catches the eye in the wild and it calls for interaction. We'll see how it takes root.

Hades can shoot at it with grappling hook horizontally or vertically, from the distance of 7 walking blocks. The best way is to use mouse for that (as for everything in this game) – you just click on the hook, in approximate access from it – Hades will do the rest. If you're using keyboard/controller – you'll have to take position before the hook.

You can see how it works more clearly in this video:

Alright, that's it for this post. The usual lewd doodles, that I prepared for cards. are on my website or twitter, with the full version of this thing:
As I mentioned, I can't post direct links on uncensored versions, but, apparently, I can post links to sites, where you can find it anyway. Ridiculous, I know. The links:
The Pt.2 post will came up in few days. See you there, guys.

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