Foremost, thank you for considering supporting our project.

  • Who are we?
We're Cursed-Atelier, a small indie studio working to create "VoidBound", a 2D RPG game based on the RPG Maker Engine. We've been in existence since December of 2018 and have been toiling silently to bring our game to life. Our founders are experienced members of this field and have been part of multiple JRPG localization projects over the last few years.

  • Can you tell me more about VoidBound?
                     Earth is sucked into a war between alien species, and the heroine has to venture to worlds never before seen by mankind to find a way to stop it. The game is a sci-fi ero RPG with a focus on variety in combat mechanics.The character’s abilities will be determined by a wide variety of equipable weapons, psi amps, and support gear, and each combat area will have its own unique spin on battles.

  • Interesting, but why come to Patreon almost a year after your development started? Did you run into monetary problems?
                     Actually, we did not. We're entirely self funded and expenses are paid out of the pocket of the founders. The reason we never floated ourselves on patreon before was because we did not want to come across as one of many other crowdfunded projects that promise rosy figments of imagination but deliver disappointment. Our primary aim was to first create a demo of our game;  a proof of concept that our vision exists and that players are more than welcome to take that vision out for a spin. 
The reason we're here now, is because our demo is finally out for the public evaluation. At the same time we've painfully come to the conclusion that self funding has its limits and if we want to speed up our development cycle and integrate more ambitious ideas, we must request the support of like minded gamers.

  • I see, can I learn more about your studio and your game?
. You can head over to our website and peruse through all of the informational content in much more detail. Additionally, you can also browse through quiet a few art assets that will give you a glimpse into the world of VoidBound. Finally, you can get in touch with us directly through Discord if you have any other queries.

  • Alright, I'm sold. But do I get any special goodies for supporting you guys?                     

                    Yes you do! In addition to our heartfelt appreciation, each and every patron will be immediately granted access to a growing list of exclusive content that may include:

  1. Art and musical assets that did and did not make into the game.
  2. Patreon customized content not released to the general public.
  3. Special Discord privileges that will make you privy to content news in advance and the opportunity for a monthly tête-à-tête with our team.
  4. An opportunity to snag the game in advance when it's finally released.
For the exact info on what rewards you'll get, please head over to the tier section and browse through the various benefits that come with the specific patreon tiers. We also plan to add something special in the future but for now we will be keeping a lid on it until we're ready to show it off in action.

We sincerely hope you will find our efforts worth your time and choose to join us on our maiden journey across the stars.

Kind Regards,  
Cursed-Atelier Team