**~Results Edit 18-02-2020~**

Thank you so much for participating! We are really excited about the results because it clarifies the gut feeling we have had since the beginning: you guys enjoy the rendering style and quality we have been developing so far, and we want to build on that!

As we keep exploring the technical limitations of our system, we will be playing with the idea of providing more simplified features on top of the original Estelle style to cover a wider range of tastes, as well as the possibility of providing multiple shader styles to create the character of your dreams! So stay tuned for some 3d concept art in the next couple weeks as we start implementing the female base body in our new and improved dressing room 2.0!

**~end of edit~**

As we are putting together the requirements for the game, we are toying with the idea of shifting the art style to something a little simpler and cartoony. Not only would this allow us to optimize the performance, but since Estelle is more realistic, we always thread the line of looking a bit uncanny when sex bits and smootching faces are involved. With a more anime/cartoon style, we could suspend our disbelief and really lean into exaggerated movements. 

Then again… Estelle's original style looks so darn goooooood! Who cares about geometry interpenetration when you got a body like that! 

So we are curious, what style do you guys prefer and why? Let us know by answering this poll and commenting below! 

Well it seams I can't get the poll working, but please vote in the comments bellow! 

A - Stylised (Estelle's current look) 
B - Anime 
C - Other (please expand in the comments!)