Hey everyone,
 I've been working on Altered Destiny for quite some time, and it's been going great. I'm very excited to share it with you. My original plan was to reach a certain point of the story before release, one that is quite far into it. Currently, there is quite a lot of content ready to go, and it's reaching a big event within the story, one I originally wasn't going to end on, but as there is a lot more to tell, and I feel it to be best to release V0.1 at the end of the first big twist.
 You'll be able to explore a lot of the town (one that is already larger than that of FILF!), meet the majority of the major characters, get a good amount of main story content, and enjoy some lewd stuff.
 My plan is to release V0.1 once I reach the point of the first big twist (About 5 scenes away), and then continue with V0.2 until I reach the point of end that I originally had planned. After that, I'll move back onto FILF.
tl;dr - Two large scale updates with the first one coming in February (Very likely)
Hope you all are okay with that, I have over 50 animations made for this update and guessing around 700-1000 images.