January's Voting Results
You guys sure are consistent! ^.^ I think so far, every time there's been a tie, the winning story that didn't get written wins the next month's poll!

Winner: The Cult (8.50)
 The bad news is that I think I've stumbled into some kind of cult, just because some cute girl invited me to visit her ranch after giving me a spontaneous blowjob. The good news is that it seems to be a sex cult. Well, the initiation ceremony is tonight -- wish me luck! 
Runner Up: Carnival Game (Gender Reversed) (8.00)
 Ring toss, but instead of trying to toss a ring onto a bunch of bottles, you're trying to toss a cock ring onto a bunch of erect cocks. If you manage to get a ringer, he's yours for the next hour ... and you have your eyes on that cute little palomino colt with the oversized horsecock. 
Loser: Reclaiming Fort Awesome (5.00)
 The two of them were best friends when they were just little kids, and they made a 'fort' out in the woods out of an abandoned car and some tents. But then her parents moved away when she was just 14, and he hadn't seen her since. Now, at 19, she's moved back to town. The two of them go on a walk in the woods, reminiscing about old times. Just as they get to reminiscing about that time they got curious and did a 'I'll show you mine if you show me yours' deal, it begins to rain. Luckily, though, Fort Awesome is still there. It's a much tighter fit these days, forcing them close together, but it's warm and dry inside ... at least until they start fogging up the windows... 

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