Weekly update!

Heya guys, sorry about the late update. Been busy with the Nano-control fiasco unfortunately. A bunch of the stuff were fixed so I thought I it would be a good time to let you guys know what's gonna be worked on this week!

For this week I'll be starting work on Jikage Rising, we have a couple of events and new art as well! Overall it should be a pretty fun update which I think you guys would like very much!

For Nano-control, the bug fixes continue. I'll be slowly updating the scenes as well, hopefully it doesn't take too long to update them all. 

So basically:

Jikage Rising (ETA: 18th January):

-Ino level 5 event 

-Hinata level 4 event

-Hinata level 4 scene

-Sakura x Ino scene

-UI update

-New artwork for certain cut scenes

Nano-control (ETA: 1st Feb):

-Bug fixes (??%)

-Broken variant updates for scenes (??%)

Well, that's it for this weekly update! Let me know what you guys think of it yeah! Also wanted to remind you guys, especially the Patrons that we have a discord server, sometimes I post sneak peeks there that are too early to be shown or for other reasons

P.s. We reached the goal for the Patreon and Subscribe Star combined

As promised:
Steak time!

Steak for Doggo's doggo haha