The Repurposing Center (public) 0.5.10(a)

Note 1: If you're curious about what is in the current premium build, then here's a sneak peak. The upcoming build contains the initial school framework (it's pretty empty and incomplete still), and a collection of morning school mini-encounters. So, if that sounds good to you maybe check it out.
Hey everyone, and welcome to a new public build. This current build is currently at 2,096,361 words and 2690 passages, so about 50k new words since the last build (almost all of it unique new scenes). Wow, this one took a long time to get right. Partially because of various issues along the way, and partially because of the sheer amount of characters, variables, and scenes, this was a complex one. However, I'm really happy with how this long narrative chain of scenes turned out. In the future though, I think I'll need to cut these kinds of things up better to get the builds out more frequently.
The main content is; School First Day.
1/ School First Day - The Slave School intro day is a long and involved string of scenes which will take up the entire day for the player. There are multiple narrative choices which will have an impact on their time at the school, along with a few more basic narrative choices that only are to do with the day itself. Further players have some customisation options also that will come more into play in the future school content. The following run-down of the full first day containing spoilers, so if you want to go in blind then you might want to skip further down past the spoiler tags.
Upon arriving, players will meet Miss Sadie who will explain the very basic school rules to them. She will also provide the player with a school uniform of their choice out of a selection of 4 (though the selection will vary based on the fem/masc focus option the player has set). It is also during this that players are given a list of options related to the school content so they can customize their experience a little more.
Miss Sadie will also take the first class, which continues the introduction of the school while also introducing some of the new school characters. Due to the amount of characters their introductions are spread across the day.
After that players have their first breaktime, during which Baylee the cheerleader will come up to them, offering to become their roommate. She is rather pleasant and cheerful, but some perceptive players (based on their conversational skill level) might be able to tell that she's more planning to mooch off of them rather than be a contributing roommate. It's up to the player whether they accept her offer (there will be opportunities to turn the tables later if they do - currently she isn't implemented into the game as an actual roommate).
The next lesson is with Miss Kimberly, who is somewhat of a ditz, and will do some basic introductions between the new class (with different new people). There is an opportunity to catch a look up her dress if the player chooses to, prompted by Celeste a slutty popular girl, a decision which will partially determine what she thinks of you and whether she spends lunch with you.
Next comes lunch, where the player will witness a friendly character Catarina end up in a confrontation by Artyom (a thug bully guy) and Jenny (a tough punk girl). Players can either stand up to them, make a deal with them, talk them down, ignore them, or help them bully Catarina, the outcomes of which more affect the bully's opinion of the player going forward.
After lunch players have another introductory class with Mr Gavin, getting introduced to the next lump of your classmates. You'll get a mysterious note (or two) at the start of class, telling you to do some things, and it's up to the player whether they accept. In this class the task will be pretty simple, more about keeping your legs spread under the desk. If you follow through with it, you'll find out the note was sent by either/both Mr Gavin or Bridget, and that they are willing to help you out in exchange for favours like that. Mr Gavin will reward the player with a reduction in upkeep, while Bridget will give them an outfit.
Next you have a quick session with Coach Carson, who will have the class do the last few introductions and then some exercise. Players who are into guys will be flirted with by Drake the jock, and players in skirts will potentially end up giving everyone a show when climbing a rope.
Finally, players will meet the last teacher, Mistress Togoshi Hina, who is usually the schools sex teacher. However, as they didn't want to complicate the first day, Mistress Hina will be instead be overseeing the introductory test for the Slave School, which will determine the players current academic attainment. Players who have ABDL content selected can end up being flunked into the ABDL Kindergarten class as a result of this - for most players it won't have much of an impact.
After that it's the end of the first Slave School day (a longer one than normal too). Players will be met up by certain relevant characters as they leave, saying goodbye, coming with them, or throwing some mean comments their way.
Other additions included; On top of the main content, I've worked through a long list of bug fixes.
Change Log:
- School First Day (25 scenes and a lot of variations within them - I'm avoiding more details so that the change-log can remain spoiler free).
- Pregnancy error fix (Thank you rusal703 & Athena Vanth)
- Diaper change tag fix (Thank you RealmsxMyths)
- Roommates sleeping location fix (Thank you RealmsxMyths & Salisria)
- Nursery adoption fix (Thank you Salisria)
- Little Land random scene fix (Thank you Twilight Dance Gunstar & rusal703)
- Leave apartment link rename (Thank you Salisria)
- Bimbo gangbang fix (Thank you MagPie)
- Mari quest pickpocket fix (Thank you Athena Vanth)
- Sex addict scene fix (Thank you Athena Vanth & rusal703 & n1ck)
- Impregnation fixes (Thank you Captain_Luigi)
- Jess sex exp fix (Thank you rusal703 & n1ck)
- Exp fixes (Thank you n1ck)
- Potty skill exp fix (Thank you rusal703)
- Game info options fix (Thank you rusal703)
- Makeup experience fix (Thank you n1ck)
- String to Int variable fixes (Thank you n1ck)
- Blonde long straight hair image fix (Thank you Kyrozis)
- Stop forced lactation fix (Thank you MagPie)
- Jess milkin projected income fix (Thank you Kyrozis)
- Alice task label fix (Thank you Lady Twilight Sunstar)
- School task gift fix (Thank you Jordi)
- Milky's poster shop fix (Thank you Draco)
- Level-up description fix (Thank you Draco)
- General exp system fixes (Thank you Draco)
- Blazer + skirt school fix (Thank you Stradivarious Winter)
- Chastity diaper accidents mention (Thank you WubWubPwny)
- School test result added to admin record.
-  20 Silverjile character images.
- 1 Silverjile scene image.
- 1 Silverjile misc sign image.
- All new images added to the gallery.
- Mae image added to Mae scenes.
- New variables.
- A few minor bug fixes.
Hope you have fun :)