More Progress

Hi again!

This is just another post to say that I've made yet more progress on getting this update ready, but there's still a little more to finish off. I got all the combat stuff sorted out today, and made a slight tweak to the main quest's dialogue. The loss routes have also been tested, but in doing so, I found some issues with the flow of the 'randomly-spawned guards' loss route. I'll get that sorted out tomorrow, and then get the post-quest scenes for the unique NPCs added.

I'm really hoping that I'll be all done by tomorrow evening (even though it will have  a lot of placeholder text left...), so I'll get the preview out either then, or at the very latest, the day after (Friday). Once again, I'm still planning on releasing the full, more polished release a day or two after this preview, so everything really should be settled by the end of this coming weekend.

I'll make another post tomorrow to keep you informed of progress. Hopefully I'll have the preview ready, but with the potential for one or two minor issues to crop up, it might be best to expect it on Friday instead...