The Repurposing Center - Project Roadmap (14/11/22)

This post is just a quick run-down of my major plans for the game The Repurposing Center. Over the course of developing the game something I've consistently been asked is whether I plan to add a specific fetish or area of content to the game. Whilst I do appreciate suggestions on what people would like to see, I thought it was time to lay out some of my intentions for future content I'd like to add and where I see the project going.
Within this roadmap I've categorised content into one of four sections;
  • Short-term - This indicates things that I could add within the next few months.
  • Medium-term - This covers content I would like to add within the next year.
  • Long-term - This is for content that I have planned to add but don't have a firm grasp on when I'll be able to add it.
  • Things I'd like to add - This last section covers content that I have briefly thought about but not pre-planned.
Content in these various categories is likely prone to being added, removed, or swapped around, as a project like this is constantly in some state of flux. This roadmap also does not cover commissioned content, although it does contain polled content, the reason for this is that I try to strike a good balance between adding in commissioned content and completely original content and this roadmap is more about my vision for the game's future.
I also want to add that the roadmap is not in any particular order. Though, content polls or people adopting any of these plans as part of commission will likely see certain plans queue jump to a shorter term completion.
That said, lets get into this!
Short-term Plans
- School Location & Education - Normally I don’t include commissioned content in this list; however, the school is more subsidized content than commissioned. The school will have both a normal and an ABDL version and serve as a prolonged training option. Players slowly over time will gain an education stat along with various sexual interactions and lessons. The school will be pretty in-depth with lots of options within it and will play out much slower than other training options. There will also be a dress-code within the school and a punishment system for tardy, naughty, or ill-dressed characters.
- Tattoos - For this I’m looking to add in a selection of tattoos that the player can have applied to them, along with having a system to handle it and my intention to integrate tattoos into the style system that’s mostly about makeup currently. There will also need to be a new store to actually put them on the player.
- Hunger/Thirst System - An optional system I’ve wanted to integrate into the game for a long time is a hunger/thirst system. This will serve as an additional drain upon the players finances, with ‘free’ food provided by the facility which is less desirable (cum-based or causes TF’s). Further, this will tie into the weight system, making that more impactful, whilst also making the various in-game restaurants more important. I will also add in an auto-eating option much like daily showering/tooth-brushing so that players aren’t stuck grinding through basic actions if they don’t want to.
- Secretary Job - One of the major jobs in-game jobs I’ve had planned since the start has been a secretarial job where the player becomes the helper to an up-and-coming manager. The player will have choices to be professional or to use their wiles to get ahead. But, the more they flirt and offer sex for bonuses, the more such behaviour will be expected of them. This job will also have lots of integration with various other areas of content, in particular the bimbo fetish and the education system.
- Extended Dairy Job - I also want to continue on with the Dairy job, progressing further down the storyline within it. This will continue with the player being introduced to ‘farm shows’ where hucows at the Dairy (and other hucows too) compete to be graded as high-quality cows. These shows are embarrassing showcases of the hucows ability to produce lactation, as well as enticing others into drinking it, but winners will be much more sought after and find their lactation to sell for an increased pay-out. The ‘farm shows’ will be a repeatable event with a one-week cooldown, so even if the player misses out, they’ll have additional chances to win one. There will also be a special ending for players who place high multiple times in the ‘farm show’, though it will be an optional ending on the part of the player.
- Customizable Avatar Image Update - Since the original implementation of the avatar image I've received a significant amount of extra artwork for it. This update will see the avatar become far more reactive, along with also having full colour. I'm also working on a separate version of this system that will be simpler and in-keeping with the standard art style.
- Fem/Sissy Trainer Stage 3 - In the 3rd stage of the Fem/Sissy Trainer, the players path with trainer will be split again. For players on the Sissy route they’ll have to choose between being an extremely feminized overly sweet sissy or being trained into a super slutty bimbo-ish sissy. Meanwhile, on the Fem route, players will have to choose between becoming more of an extremely feminine housewife or being trained into a more hyper-feminine bimbo. There will again be tasks, endings, and nightly encounters.
There will be the usual night encounters, along with a task system that sometimes will trigger (for example wear a certain style of makeup in preparation for the night visit), giving the player rewards for completing the tasks and punishments for failing/ignoring them. Players who fail too frequently or annoy the trainer will be subjected eventually to a set of ‘bad ending-s’ to select between.
- General Punishment Overhaul - The existing punishment system is rudimentary to say the least, added early in the game’s development. Instead of just giving you a ‘bad ending’, I want to factor in a larger number of complaints needed against the player to get those ‘bad ending-s’ along with some more interesting punishments along the way. My thoughts are to find ways to ‘force’ content that the player has indicated they are personally interested in upon them (e.g. if the player selects to include chastity maybe they’ll be punished by being put in chastity). There will also need to be more ways to get in trouble.
- Slave Capture/Training - One of the plans to add more dominant-focused content into the game is to add in the ability to capture, sell, buy, and train slaves. This will factor into the skill system with various skills being utilized by the player to make the captures and to train the slaves, keeping slaves will be both a good way of making money but also potentially risky.
- Underwear System Update - A more minor thing to mention, but much like the update to the outfit system that saw the addition of 'clothing tags', underwear needs to be updated in a very similar way to make sure that it is suitable for future updates.
- Roommates And Slaves Update - Whilst the basic implementation of two roommates is currently in place (Alice and Jess), I want to add in both more options for roommates and slaves, along with making the interactions deeper. This will start with giving those characters more scenes and options, such as night-time and morning full scenes sometimes to build up the characters and their place in the players life. Meanwhile, I'll also be adding in more roommates and slaves, including; Baylee the cheerleader (dominant character - can be herm), a dedicated ABDL slave, a dedicated Pet-Play slave. 
- More Home Options - Somewhat of an ongoing matter, I want to add more room options and furniture options for the players home. A while back players voted on a Game's Room to be added to the home, for which I already have the art-work, so that will be one of the first, though I see more on top of that. In particular, I've been thinking about adding in dedicated bedrooms for named Roommates/Slaves that the player would be able to buy.
- Hireable Maids - With the addition of the cleaning system for the players home, I wanted to offer a way to pay for that to be resolved automatically. The idea is that the maids would be characters the player could hire from Maid For Service, with varying consequences. Some maids might be lazy, some might be hard working, but the intention is for them to have interactions with the player so that players can have the fun experience of having their own sexy maids.
- Furry Appearance Update - A long time coming, I wanted to add a roadmap milestone for specifically adding in more furry appearance options to the game. This will not only cover transformation options like feet/leg/paw appearance slots, but also things like muzzle face changes, and maybe I'll also finally sort out the hair issue so that furry characters can be 'bald' other than the fur they have on their head.
Medium-term Plans
- Pet-Play Trainer Rework - The Pet-Play Trainer is looking to get a large rework. Not only will a second Trainer option be added (a female socialite), but a story-line with choices and progression will also be implemented.
- ABDL Trainer Rework - The Pet-Play Trainer is looking to get a large rework. Not only will a second Trainer option be added (a male daddy-dom), but a story-line with choices and progression will also be implemented.
- Mistress Sarah Submissive Path - Polled a while back now, the plan is to have it so that Mistress Sarah the brothel owner can become the Mistress of the player whilst they’re within the facility. Players will have to prove to her their value as her potential submissive in a quest that they can fail. Successful players will gain a daily stipend of money from her, along with increased brothel pay-outs. However, players will need to maintain their status as her submissive through regular interaction with her. Mistress Sarah will also be set up as a potential key-holder for chastity players (though players who are not interested in chastity will not have to interact with the content).
- Milky's Diner - A new restaurant location, this time a retro style diner that focuses on lactation-based milk treats. Players will be able to be fed fresh breast milk from the breast or get ice cream and milkshakes milked from a set of restrained slaves. There will also be a few normal food options. There will also be a job allowing players to work at Milky's.
- Davis Dates - Davis’s dating path will continue, culminating in a quest where the player has to help him untangle himself from the bureaucracy of the facility. Davis will continue to have two dating paths, the sweet and the degrading one, though even on the degradation path Davis will come to like the player more.
- Dr.Radcliff Dates - Dr.Radcliff’s dating path will eventually become available, in which the player will get to know him further. The player will take the role as his lab assistant and general helper, discovering more about his attachments to the history of the facility. In his personal quest, players will help him try to overcome a long-term issue that he’s had, resulting in possibly a large-scale physical change to him.
- Alice (Robot) Dates - Alice in her robot form will become the next (non-commissioned) dating option, the mischievous and sexually obsessed AI in a robot body using the opportunity to get to know the player better and to explore the facility in a more physical sense. Her personal quest will revolve around what she considers her future with the player to be (don’t want to give away too many big spoilers).
- Alice Quest 2 - In the second of Alice’s questline, the facility AI will task the player with a little corporate sabotage. Alice wants the player to help plant evidence within the isolated internal computer system of a government-related company so that they can be forced out of the facility. Will the player try to side with the government-attached business, or will they aid Alice? And, exactly why does Alice want them thrown out?
- Slave/Submissive Trainer – The Slave/Submissive Trainer will be male or female depending on the players preferences and will train the player to be more submissive. This trainer will be heavily focused on making the player obedient and sexually experienced. There will be a Stage 2 of this trainer too where they step things up, however, there is unlikely to be branching paths on this trainer.
- Auction Ending: The First Night - The Auction Ending is a major route within the game that has a lot planned for it. This planned milestone covers completing the end of the first night testing that the game currently begins, along with introducing other NPC’s who are being auctioned off. Players will have various choices to make, such as spending their money to make friends with the other trainees or spending it to increase their own value in the upcoming auction (possibly with negative repercussions from the other trainees).
- Maid Job - Another early planned job is that of a more traditional maid. Players will be tasked with various cleaning activities, most of which are in the homes of high-ranking facility staff and visitors. Players can either be professional or give in to requests to make extra money, such as working nude or engaging in sexual activities.
- Expanding Club B Exhibitionist Job Tier - As it stands the final tier of the Club B bar-girl job is currently more of a placeholder than an actual job. I plan to finally flesh out the placeholder job encounters currently there, along with writing some new ones that showcase the player as a tantalizing exhibitionist promo girl for the club.
- Bunny-girl Gentleman’s Club Job - The counterpoint to the cat-girl maid café, the bunny-girl’s also have an establishment the player will be able to visit and work at. The bunny’s, however, instead run an old-fashioned gentleman’s club complete with brandy and cigars. Players working with the bunny’s will have to gain favour with the various clients who come in, as the bunny’s measure their worth in how happy they’ve made others with those who help the most being held highest within the group.
- More Minor Jobs - In general I want to offer more minor jobs for players less interested in the overtly sexual ones. This will include things like; becoming a programmer for the facilities admin department (based off of the upcoming education stat - though I can think of some pretty sexy ideas for this too so it might become a full job), working as a chef at a relatively normal restaurant within the facility (maybe the planned dorm canteen), working retail within various stores within the facility, etc.
Long-term Plans
- Auction Ending: The Last Day - The auction ending route is long, and if I concentrated on it alone, I’d be at it for months, which is why I’ve separated the auction up into chunks. This chunk covers all the preparation activities that the player can take part in over their final day at the facility whilst inside the auction wing. This will cover everything from engaging in spa treatments to various recreational options.
- Auction Ending: The Auction - As I’ve mentioned multiple times the auction ending route as planned is very long, as such this is another chunk of it. This section covers the pre-auction interactions with potential buyers, the mini dates the player can engage in with those potential buyers, and the auction itself.
- Auction Ending: The Endings - The final chunk of the auction ending route, this section covers the large number of endings that the player will possibly be able to get through the various buyers. Some endings will have alternative versions (both minor and major changes) depending on the players actions within the facility and their training.
- The Cat-girl Maid Café Questline - This questline covers discovering exactly what’s going on behind the scenes with the cat-girl maid café, along with their constant feud with the bunny’s. In this plot the player will be able to either; leave things as they are, abolish the cat-girl ranking system, make Riley ‘Best Cat’, or take on the ‘Best Cat’ role themselves.
- Beauty Goo Slime Plotline - The mysterious goo slimes that are living within the facility are odd to say the least. Finding out more about them and what they’re after will be important. As for what to do with the, will the player help them, oppose them, or ultimately just leave them be? And more so, rumours abound about a strange cult who worships them. Will they need dealing with too?
- Britney And Club B Questline - Britney the bimbo has something to do with Club B. Can the player find a way to cure her strange mental state, and if they can do they want to? This long questline will pit the player against Tony B as they look further into his dealings. A quest with multiple endings, some of which have a major impact upon the facility.
- Secrets Of The Facility Questline - A lengthy questline where the player tries to figure out the secret purpose of the facility, meeting the Board of Executives and finding out more of their goals. Players will be able to end up in the ownership of some of the most important people in the world, or possibly find a way to overthrow their plans if they work hard enough.
- Bringing Down The Facility Ending - A branch of the major questline that involves digging into the secrets of the facility to try to bring it to an end. Mentioned here as it will be a major undertaking and not just a minor plot point choice.
- Jess Dating Path - Players will be able to date Jess the character they meet in the intro. Over the course of the dating path players (depending on their interactions with her) will be able to either date her on a sweet romantic path or push her increasingly towards her being their complete submissive slave. Jess’s personal quest will involve trying to purchase her by making a deal with a high-ranking admin.
- NPC Clothing Reactions - Something I’ve been asked for repeatedly is for various NPC’s to react to what the player is wearing. Doing this will be a huge undertaking, but I do think it’s feasible and do want to eventually implement it.
- Scientist Job - Working within the facility as a scientist, the player would face various mad science risks based on their education skill. This would also give the player a good opportunity to be the dominant party when dealing with NPC trainees as they run tests and TF’s on them, along with being a good way to push interactions with various major NPC’s.
Things I'd Like To Add (But Haven't Thought Through - Or Don't Have A Timeline For)
- Pet-Play Job - I've thought about a Pet-Play job previously, where the player is enrolled into a pet day-care facility that sells footage of their pet-play endeavours. Still an early thought, but I think it could be a fun addition. Pets can also be rented from the business, allowing for all sorts of interesting scenes with clients.
- Gameshow Job - Where the player takes part in various gameshows as part of a job within the facility. Some games would be tests of skill, others would be little mini-games, but most would lead to humiliating sexual experiences for the player. Time consuming to put together, but I can see this as a good risky job to take.
- Porn-star Job - Sex on video fits the facility very well, and I can certainly see a porn-star job being interesting. However, I haven’t made extensive notes on the idea yet and am still only in the early stages of plotting it out.
- Stripper Job - Pole dancing and stripping, this isn’t really covered by any other job currently so I would be interested in pursuing this idea further.
- Brothel & Glory-hole Revamp -The glory-hole and brothel were both early areas of content that I would some day like to revisit into more complex jobs where the player has to coax clients to them and has more general say and interactivity with the events within the job.
This list as mentioned before will be a bit fluid and I'll try to keep it up-to-date. Thank you for your interest in getting this far into it, if you have any suggestions then feel free to leave them in the comments below or to send me a message ^_^
Happy gaming!