Weekly update

Heya guys, sorry for the late update, been slaving away at a lot of stuff. Only have a few days before I leave and I wanna get everything ready for you guys before I do. Generally I'll try to release a small update on the 21st, I'll try to have the post that up on mobile, so hopefully nothing goes wrong haha.

For now, here's the progress!

Nano-control (Estimated release date: Not date yet):
-Bug fixes

Jikage Rising (Estimated release date: 21st December) :
-Tenten lvl 3 animations (90%)
-Sakura lvl 4 animations (90%)
-Tenten lvl 4 scene (30%)
-Tenten lvl 4 animations (40%)
-GUI updates (50%)

Let me know if you guys have any feedback yeah!