Feedback for Jikage Rising v0.07 (Public edition)

Heya guys. Wanted a quick check on what you guys thought of the latest update! A couple of stuff were added and some events are kinda experimental, so I wanted to know what you guys thought of it so I can tweak it accordingly! Namely these few things:  

1)The level 5 event for Sakura.
Generally the plan for level 5 events will be similar to this and there will be a a picture much like the one in Sakura's event.

I'm pretty interested to know what you guys thought of the event, was it too short? Uninteresting? Didn't make sense and/or didn't add anything of value to the game/plot?

Also curious about what you guys thought of the art, since it was done by someone else.

2)Party companion system
Might actually apply for the battle system as a whole. A while back there was some feedback that there was only one enemy to fight and that you guys probably committed genocide on the bear population in Konoha from all the bears you all hunted. 

Do you find the girls to be useful in fights? Or are they pretty much just deco? Is the battle system wholly unnecessary? Is it too grindy or dull for the game? Have the impression that some of you think that the battles are more of a chore than it being something fun to do. 

For the outfits, some outfits are planned to be randomly acquired, kinda like Sakura's nurse outfit. Was wondering if the ways of acquiring outfits were too grindy? And if you guys enjoyed the outfits design or the system in general.

That's the general stuff that I'm pretty keen in finding out, but I'm also excited to know what other stuff do you guys do you guys want improved or any suggestions that you guys have! Or hopes and expectations of features for arc 2!