Dev Update #16 - V0.3 Release

V0.3 is now available to download for level 3 subscribers!
I hope you'll like it!
Level 2 patrons will have access to this new version in 7 days.
Change Log :
  • Day 3 content is here. Day 3 consists of 338 new renders and 4450 lines of code and dialogue.
  • Added an interface to track the girls' stats points. It's ugly.
  • Added several new triggers on Day 1 and Day 2. That means that your previous saved game won't be compatible with V0.3.
  • Added some buttons on the main menu.
  • A "Credits" page now replaces the "About".
If you find any bug or typo or broken English, please report it through discord.
Feedbacks are very welcome!

About the next release.
Before working on V0.4, I'm going to take some time to work on the task list below.
  • A new GUI
  • A gallery / replay mode
  • A more robust point system
  • Android version
I also have ideas about some kind of "visual" walkthrough. I want to experiment a bit with it and see if I can integrate it into the game.
I won't spend more than a couple of weeks on this and will release a V0.3.5 when it's done.

Thank you !