New Sketch Batch at last!, From a Picarto stream in mid November :>

1º SomariaMoon Asked for a conclussion to the Age Swap Set she and I have been starring in for months now :> So after being mother age, baby age, and kindergarten age, we ended up balancing in our teens, though if both of us now properly remember everything does this make the change definitive? No fair, why do I get to be a nerd and Somaria gets to be a cheerleader? Dumb cheerleader, bad friend, I won't help you out with your homework >:V

2º TheUrbanLegend52 and I had been talking in Discord through october about getting new events done in future sketch streams, events like the AGW Twinning Event, amongst these ideas was making a nerdification/hikkikomori/fujoshi TF type event, and UrbanLegend gets to be the guinea pig :y he... Well... SHE looks a bit confused, and tired, a yaoi addicted fujoshi, but eh, I don't mind it much, if people are up for it the AGW 1.1 will be distributed in the next Sketch Stream :y

3º PvtPetey Commissioned a pic of his OrcaDragon OC Elizabeth, or rather a pic of himself right after turning into her, still kinda baffled at the fact, ooh, those shoes are now irreparable :T
This is my first attempt at drawing an OrcaDragon character, do you like how it came out? I wouldn't mind drawing more of these in the future ;>

4ºSecretagentmittens Commissioned a simple pic of Samus Aran finding herself regressed and into a cute lil' dress, too lil' I guess, since it doesn't properly covers the diaper she's wearing :V How indeed is she supposed to fight Ridley now? Do Chozo suits come in kid size?

5ºMoss-151k quite simply asked for a topless pic of his OC Kasey, lounging around.

6º Redmond17 requested a pic of his character Sandy alongside Nassley's female form Nashley, cosplaying as Ukyo Kuonji and Ranma Saotome respectively, and Sandy being particularly fat, with Nashley and her t h i c c thighs not far behind :V

7º Secretagentmittens asked for another pic, a continuation to this Zarya Age Regression Sequence he commissioned last year. is having quite a lot of fun teasing lil' Zarya, who is of course not at all happy about being treated like a baby :y

8º Alkonium asked for a pic of the 13th Doctor Who, holding her thrombic modulator Sonic Screwdriver.

9º Geistis asked for a continuation to the Scott Age Regression Set, which you may recall in the third panel had me bouncing little Scott on my lap while the laptop which seemed to cause the regression was left on a table in what looked like a library, well, it seems like someone else got too curious about the laptop :v but eh, at least she isn't as upset as Scott was when he regressed.