A bunch of traditional commissions I drew back in October while travelling in Chile:

1º The first one for Malkaiwot starring his characters Meg, who had drank a youth potion, seemingly by accident, and Sally, now having to take care of little Meg.

Meg isn't any mad about the situation tho, which makes me wonder if it was indeed an accident :3c But Sally doesn't seem to enjoy being a baby sitter, not a big deal though, since Malkaiwot made sure to clarify the regression would be temporary (Boooooooooooh), but Sally couldn't have little Meg going around wearing her baggy adult clothes, or could she? 0:

2º The second one commissioned by IrateResearchers starring their OC Professor Jeremy Trost, running from some wizards then turning into smaller, cuter Jenny by using some device in his belt in order to trick the chasers.
And it works quite well it seems, she's making that face I always type >:y

3º The third one for Alkonium starring their tiefling character Opportunity, cosplaying as D.Va from Overwatchk.

4º The fourth one MusicalLover1234, starring Haruhi and Kyon from 'The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya', she has gotten some brilliant plan to get more people to join the club, people would indeed be interested in a group with more cute girls, but Kyon doesn't seem all that thrilled about being turned into Kyonko, even less thrilled about Haruhi's second brilliant idea, people are attracted to cuteness, so of course having cute baby girls in the group would attract many. I mean, is she wrong?

5º The fith one for PvtPetey starring his OC ID post TF, having turned into an Octo Imp, a mix of Octoling and Twili Imp, and considering she used to be an adult she certainly isn't used to both being so little while also sporting a nicely sized chest >3<

Let's hope she gets used to it all soon.