A Quick Post: Expect a big update soon!

I'm making this a quick post rather than a proper one cause i need to preserve time and i'm not exactly sure how many days it will take to get the release out. I want to say it shouldn't be longer than a week but I don't know for certain cause i might be missing something...

As of now almost all the fixes that needed to be made to the last build have been resolved. 

But on top of that some aspects of the project have had a complete revamp that will have an excellent long term impact. But best of all it finally can bring some new features!Major improvements include the following:

  • Completely reworked UI and Scene management integration so the addition of new UI elements for things like sex sim and the eventual new customization UI's and stuff won't require me to deal with code. Also lets me add some neat little animations to the UI.
  • UI is now resolution dependent, On top of this a UI scaling option will be added for high resolution displays! Basically the UI will no longer be huge for larger screens just the accommodate smaller ones. 
  • I've bought tools to preview UI between platforms! 
  • New audio management system so now Sex Sim and other aspects will finally have sound! Naomi's moans won't have lipsync for the time being but i promise to add that in the future! Volume controls are also being added! I'll go into detail about this in the release post!
  • Audio volume will now change depending on scene.
  • Animations are all fixed, some improved, some will need additional fixing later!
  • New animation IK integration for soon to come groping and variation animations for sexsim!
  • Player cum is now integrated for external cumming on Naomi, not quite internal yet, internal cumming is simpler but i'm not sure if i'll have time to add it this month.

Sorry, I've been silent but I've been hard at work trying to get the game ready for a proper public release. I wanted to focus on content but with all the fixes that needed to be made and features not included I just couldn't turn away from what was needed here cause i want the best impact for that content I make... 

But there will be some new content i'll show soon, I just delayed it a bit due to the exciting improvements i could make thanks to you guys support, and holiday sales! :P

FYI This next release will be for all supporters (Including
itch.io) as thanks for your patience, even though it might be considered a experimental build in some regards.

In the mean time I've opted to make the previous supporter only post public here on SubscribeStar including the special little build I made! please check the second previous post after this one for that update!

A proper release post will be soon! Thanks for your support!