Whether you're a new subscriber, or an old patron coming from Patreon, welcome!

I'm Eskoz, an animator/3D generalist who switched to doing adult entertainment, instead of jumping from studio to studio as a freelancer.

Here you can expect too see girls having various kinds of fun with tiny people. Some like swallowing them whole, while others might prefer to stick them up their butt. My content focuses a lot on the various aspects of vore, mainly Anal, Unbirth and Oral vore. This is all with a focus on the size fetish, however. So it's best not to expect "same-size" vore to happen here.

With the exception of WIP content, like images and video previews (playblasts), all my finished content has a free slightly lower resolution version available on my blog.

Do you take requests?

While I don't take direct requests, I'm open to suggestions, and if I see something I like, I'll probably use it in a scenario/character etc.

Things you will not see here:

  • "Toilet" related stuff
  • Graphic gore (tearing limbs, excessive blood, melting skin etc.)
  • Clearly underage characters (This does not exclude characters with a more petite build)
  • Giant males (At the very least not in a main role or a solo scenario. I don't want to completely rule out couple scenarios, if a lot of people want them. But even then, don't expect anything more than maybe something occasional)
  • Animal/Anthro characters (Monster girl type characters might be an exception)
  • Same-size vore

If you're unable to subscribe here, due to not being able to use paypal for example, I'll still keep my Patreon page open! Content distribution has moved to discord however, so please take that into account before pledging there!