Happy Thanksgiving, and Inheritance Progress Report

For those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope that you have a wonderful thanksgiving. For those of you who do not, this is a day where people spend time with family, and think about all the things we have to be grateful for in life. Good friends, family, even simple things like a pleasant view or a new book to enjoy. It's a time where we remind ourselves of the good in our lives, even if those good things are often fleeting. 

Now, on to what you guys REALLY want to know about, . . . 

Inheritance Progress Report: 
*We now have a dedicated coder for the project. While we've had a couple of incredibly talented coders helping out for a long time now, we've now have an additional coder who should be able to invest a lot more time into the game as their time won't be divided to the same degree as the other coders. 
*We've got a LOT of code work going on in the background of the game right now. The game now tracks character pronouns and we've started working to set that up for Rey (Since they're the only character who can currently be gender swapped, seemed like a good place to start.) 
*Dialogue boxes are requiring a little more refining, but I've got my fingers crossed that we'll have that into the game by year's end. 
*User Interface has started to see a revision. If you can think of ways to improve it, please say something. We are currently working to improve the way the UI bar navigates and appears within the game. 
*Got about 5k words of Christmas content written with more on the way. 
*Have received several new submission scenes over the last few days. Lots of new content. Most of it has already been reviewed and coded, I just have to drop it all into the game. 
*Received an art bundle today. A lot of it is Christmas themed and will go hand in hand with being able to redecorate the mansion for the Holiday. 
*I KNOW there's something else I was going to mention, but it's slipping my mind at the moment. Anyway, that should give you an ideal of what all is going on right now. We've got a lot of stuff going on, and while the code related stuff is sucking up a lot of my time, I'm still plugging out content on the side. 

Overall, really happy with how the week is shaping up, it's promising to be a really good start to the next build of the game. 

What's coming up next: 
*Tomorrow will be spent with family. I'm not expecting to accomplish much if anything as I'll be celebrating the holiday. 
*Friday-Sunday: I'm hoping to fit in two days of work over the weekend. Friday will be focused on getting all the submissions into the game, whichever other day I get to work will be spent adding art, adding my own work, and hopefully working on some more writing as well.