Affinity and Map Fixing

Hi, guys! Here comes another post about features and stuff.

Since the last update I was busy with some TDLT goodies to organize for better updates showcase, and with polishing ERO Unit. I managed to made a brand new dialogue system for the game, which won't be much of a display until I draw more characters to include in a dialogue. So I'll hold on that and TDLT has to puff out for both games this time. So, without further ado, let's get to it.

Beside improvements in interfaces, the resolution enlargement of the game had a downside. Since maps were designed for lower resolution, proper look for some of them was messed up, leaving an unfinished space filled with black color:
That sloppy look was no good. So I blew the dust off my old backup folder and started fixing the outdated maps to match the game's new standarts.
Now the maps are updated and looks like they supposed to be that size from the start. You can see transitions from old to new of every map that was required updating in the attached video, starting at 3:20. (Direct link with the timecode: )

Continuing the topic about interface improvements, last time I described the Journal, let's go to the next on the list.
Affinity is a new name for Affection Data. I'd say, out of all interfaces the old "Affection Data" suffered from lack of space the most. Partly, trying to think of ways to implement in here all I wanted, was one of biggest reasons why I went for enlarging resolution of the whole game.
I had to develop a new sliding window that appears during dialogues as a way around the lack of space here, but having more than one places to have all the required information was bothering. So now that hitch is in the past.
Now, if you're busy with a girl, checking with the progress makes more use on this screen. 

Instead of affection, the gauge measures a girl's pervertion/corruption status. Perks, The Mental Vulnerabilities, and Personality button works the same.

Sex Variations section works as achievements. If you'll do a girl in specific variation once - it'll be enough to unlock the icon.

Investments are tricky, since not every girl will accept every gift, before certain pervertion level won't be achieved or a certain quest/request won't be completed.

After you complete a girl's personal quest, the quest's icon will be unlocked here.

Minor spoilers ahead about a inconspicuous feature. Skip till the paragraph with a mansion if you find this as an important reveal.

If you maxed everything on a girl's screen, the game will respond on it, notifying you about it with the icon that will appear on a girl's chest.
That icon means that she has a specific dialogue option unlocked. If you maxed everything, she's pretty much perverted to her highest available peak already, being a part of your harem at your mantion, or whatever place you put her. So going even more forward will be a crucial for a girl's fate and will affect her already twisted ending. To avoid bigger spoilers, I won't describe specifics of what that dialogue option does. But knowing the nature of the game, I think it's obvious. I'll leave a hint in form of this image:
In the next build Rapunzel will be the first girl who you can max completley and do everything that should be available for her. 

I remember saying that Rapunzel and the mansion I mentioned will go in separate builds, but in order to avoid errors with your save-files, I have to implement The Dark Lord's Manor along with Rapunzel, after all. The lair has significant relation to the girls from Affinity's list, so I need to have it's logic completed with at least one maxed girl to be sure that it won't break anything in future. Anyway during my absense, I took time to work on making the lair, completing a large part of it. So I don't expect that it'll take too much additional time when I'll get my hands on it again.
That's it for this post. Nothing much to report on the developing process as the whole. It's going alright, as usual. I'm glad how it turning out (for both games), I'm eager to see your feedback on ERO Unit after release, and I miss developing TDLT already. 

So that's that. 

Until the next update, guys. Happy Holidays!

P.S. Also, a fun fact