TDLT Report

In addition to the previous post.

Let's take a look at first 3 menu items, there's some things to unravel.

The old inventory worked good enough. But the fact that a lot of items make it look cluthered was bothering.

With a little effort, we have this now:

I added categories for better sorting. Since new resolution widened the inventory, I moved window with money and window with items characteristics to the left, so you don't have to read an item's description in one corner and look at it's characteristics in another. Now everything is comfy and readily.

Widening resolution untied hands for reworking Skills and Equipment as well.
The old one:
The new one:
After design polishing it'll look a little different, but you can observe the new functional here already. I returned classical EXP earning, that's increasing by completing quests, winning battles, choosing specific choices in dialogues, e.t.c.

Perks, that you unlock in Affinity section window by completing certain tasks, are also displays in here - the two icons with question marks are yet locked ones.

On the right you can see window that displays character's stats and stats that your wearing equipment gives.

The Journal.
I always found the old one as underdeveloped:

To be fair, it should be called Quest Journal, cause all it could do is switching between quests. 

Also its code has that weird setup that gives responsible funcional only for keyboard users. Say, if you choose Active category - in order to switch on Completed category, a simple mouse click on it won't work. You'd have to exit the Active one (by hitting Esc or clicking RMB), then you can select Completed. After a few hundred times of stumbling upon that imperfection, I decided to put an end to this keyboard despotism. Now you can use mouse to comfortably switch between categories too.

Along with that I added some other things:

Now Active and Completed are merged in one category, where Completed quests stored in less visible manner to demonstrate inutility before the Active ones. I think I saw the same way of managing quests in recent God of War, I thought it's really comfy and I tried to made something like that. 

Every quest will be provided with a fancy icon now (icons on the screenshot are temporary), also you can notice the new arrow icon on the right from quest's name that indicates that the quest's objectives are chosen for displaying near compass.

For better recognition, every quest will be provided with a little image on the right, showing NPCs who gave you the quest. Sometimes it will be a destination picture or something else if I find it more fittable to display.

I decided to include Notes after watching Purity SIn's walkthrough, where she read a code on Alwin's wall and written it down on paper, in case if it'll be needed later. Why not using the Journal for something like this?

Now if you'll encounter anything that will seem important, you'll be notify about it:

And it will be stored in Journal:
Also, every new quest, note or enemy that you will include in Journal will sort in order "the newest on the top". Everything for user friendly approach.

Bestiary will be a way to try to point out enemies weaknesses.
Every new enemy you defeated will be included to the list,

To diversify the topic, I'll mention something out of pause menu. 

There was also some improvements in battles. I added a possibility to pull off a trick - if you attack an enemy from the back (or a pack of them), before he sees you, like on the screenshot:

You will start a battle with enemy turned away, which will give you an extra move:

Meaning, after you attack, your enemy will waste his move on turning in your direction, and only after your second attack they will attack back, if they will be still alive. You can use this trick to improve your odds if an enemy will be too heavy, or just for kicks.

The more enemies in a pack, the harder to engage with them unnoticed, since more eyes can turn in your way.

For folks who require accurate information, before every attack, on the top, you will see this:

It will tell you about amount of damage you'll bring upon your foe, your hit rate and critical hit chance.

Also I added Overkill.

The idea is this: If your enemy left with a little HP (or he was weak from the start), and you still will bring a wrath of god upon him - it will count as an overkill. Overkilling enemies is useful to get bonuses for gained EXP:
(Also, we have the new battle results screen). So overdoing is rewardable. 

I had to edit this Overkill plugin from Yanfly to make this thing work. But still, props to him for giving a base.

About this new gaining EXP screen - originaly it was used only at the end of battles, but after I added gaining EXP though completing quests, I decided to expand its scope. Now you will be notifyed about level ups out of battle by this window:
To keep you informed about the acquired abilities.

Alright, I think I leveled the amount of information with the volume of the post about ERO Unit. I hope it'll make up for the silence. It still tricky for me to focus between work and personal stuff, but I'll do my best.

At the moment I'm planning to do dialogue system for ERO Unit and then script, sex scenes and then we can talk about finishing this thing.

Till the next update. Take care, guys.