The state of things:

Last Stand of Ra:
We're nearing completion of this game.  Another two, maybe three builds and it will be complete.  I have a few ideas for what to do next, but I'm actually leaning toward shifting more of my attention toward the game in an effort to complete it by year's end.


Making some great progress toward the next couple of builds.  We're looking at some cosmetic changes to the game as well what should make a huge change to how the game plays.

Coming up:
Will be pushing out a new test build for Inheritance either late today or some time tomorrow.  This will actually include two builds.  The first will be the usual test build with the newest game content,  The second will be a a test for the new changes we're planning to include an improved UI and new way of handling character text.

We will be releasing the next build of Inheritance at the end of the week.  The 22nd is our planned release day.