Currently I'm working on v.0.5, scheduled to be ready by December 1st. It's called The Decameron, which means Ten Days (Taken from Boccaccio, a classical medieval writer). It's coming out great but it will be too much content at once. So, I decided to divide it in two parts. The first part, is focused on Ted. You 'll have the chance to advance various storylines in home, like Kirsten's, Ashley's or Megan's or Kanakis', Jensen's, DaSilva's, Lee's or the nurse's in school. Some classmate's storyline might be available too but their advancement depends on Ted's popularity, which right now is low.
I think you will love the gameplay, the time management thing but most of all the stories. 
You will see that I have worked my ass off for this release but it's great. 
I only wish I had more time to fine-tune the storyline points but I might not have to. Kisses.