We have started to purge our discord! In recent weeks, we added a set of common sense rules, rules for which you have to acknowledge in order to access our full discord. Over the last couple of weeks, we have pinged the community several times concerning this in an effort to warn all active users of what was coming so people could review the rules (Seriously, it's a short list and all you have to do is click the tentacle emoji to acknowledge that you've read and agree to the rules)

Today, people with no roles on the discord got purged. This means if you were following the discord but do not have your account here linked to discord, or simply are not a supporter, you probably just got kicked from the discord.

Today was wave one.  In another week or two, we will be purging anyone from the discord who has not accepted the rules. That will include everyone else who has not acknowledged the rules we have put in place for discord. 

The rules are as follows, and can be found in the "rules" channel on discord: 
1. This is an adult server. If you are not at or above the age you can legally view and discuss sexual content in the country you are connecting from, you cannot be on this server, period. 
2. Treat others with respect. It's ok to disagree with others, but please: No personal insults and no kink shaming. 
3. Please avoid bringing up subjects that are political, religious, or highly controversial. Do not assume the server is populated by people who share your views on these subjects. Feel free to discuss them in private with others, but remember to respect their boundaries if they ask the discussion to end. At this time the server will not have a channel for these matters, though that may change if deemed necessary. 
4. Don't argue with the cultists if they tell you not to do something. If you have an issue with it, please DM Rfpnj or Gatekeeper. 

Invite to the discord if you either just got kicked or have yet to join us there: