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"Play your hand - freak cards facing up."

My name is Namiin Stone, better known as MoltenGoldArt. I'm an erotic illustrator and author with a singular driving story I want to tell, time and time again: fictional, fantastical, flesh and blood fathers and daughters, tangled together to be destined as consensual, consanguineous lovers.


These narratives are love letters to myself; abstractions of my pining, my passion, and my pursuit of personal solace. They are my grief, my comfort, and my heart. I do not tell tales of trauma, abuse, coercion, or malicious intent - even if the seduction can be salaciously sinister.

Divided by space and time, only to come together again after so long that a daughter forgot her father - so long that she never knew what it meant to be the lover of an incubus. He teaches; she learns. He gave her a choice, but she already chose the second she touched the book, she chose in the heartbeat she kissed him, scared and longing and full of hope for the first time in her life.

A coup carried out by a power-hungry advisor to give a benevolent monarch the mark of the monster - convincing his young daughter that her father is a dead and cowardly king, torn asunder in the beasts ugly jaws. The girl will eventually find her place entangled in grizzled fur, howling desire for the beast-king; howling for her sire.

Loved tenderly by the other for what has felt like their entire lives; a fragile and fearful romance between a carpenter and his daughter unfurled in the dark and silent spaces of an oppressive community. Doing everything possible to protect the honor and life of the other - to the point of a ferocious, feral, frightful need when the lights go out and repressed passion has the freedom to run rampant.

The incestuous desire portrayed is not the protagonists' problem, though it is titillatingly taboo.

My stories and my heart are not for everyone - and that’s okay; they aren't meant for everyone. They are for me and mine, first and foremost. But, if you've found me here, and you like what you've found, I implore you to sit by the fire with me and listen for a while.

I hope, if nothing else, that I am an entertaining storyteller. ♥


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Playing with the concepts of age, lived experience, and maturity between an older man and his much younger daughter is thrilling and titilating to me. There's something about the contrast of gnarled, aged hands skimming over the surface of an unblemished young woman's throat that's just so...

To that end, I find concepts related to ageplay in fiction - women play acting as little girls, vast age gaps between adults, naive girls being taught and guided by their much older (usually elderly) fathers - to be intensely erotic.

While themes related to ageplay run rampant in my work, I don't write or draw underage content. Not because I believe that it's bad or wrong to explore that in fiction, but because it's not to my taste. I enjoy abstracted markers of childhood - the idea of experiencing it again as an adult with someone the girl experiencing it has always pined for.

In this case, it's always her father - if you haven't noticed what my fiction is, by this point.

Though I do not create underage fiction, that doesn't stop me from talking about it - especially in my discord server. In the realm of the theoretical, it's fun to talk about, especially as it relates to me being a little girl, and to my fiction. If that isn't to your taste, that's perfectly reasonable.

Just don't say I didn't warn you. ♥

I play a long game, as a content creator.

A much older gentleman with his hands sensually positioned on a much younger woman's throat and shoulder

As an author and an illustrator, I dive headlong into my stories and art to pluck at each and every facet until I am satisfied.

My current novel and illustration project is called The Summoning, which takes my husband and I's characters - Idris and Ila - from their original setting and throws them into a modern, human, supernatural alternate universe.

Divided by space and time, only to come together again after so long that Ila never understood herself; was never given the opportunity to understand. So long that she doesn't know why she's so drawn to the old man who calls himself Idris, nor why his intent is set so fiercely on seducing her and claiming her heart for his own. He isn't real, after all, he can't be - he is only an illusion, a figment, a product of a grieving mind, surely?

Ila, a girl who thought she was abandoned and unwanted, untouchable and strange - only to discover through loss, grief, and an inexplicable haunting that she had not been abandoned at all. She had been stolen. She wasn't untouchable; she was only ever meant to be touched by one and one alone.

Idris gives her a choice, time and again. It does nothing to stop her from finding solace in him, because she chose the second she touched the book. She chose the second she kissed him for the first time, tasting petrichor and autumn, smoke and ash. She chose the second she knew his identity, the second she understood that she was the daughter and the lover of an Incubus, and that they both have been starved of each other for far too many years.


I have a Discord server where I get to interact with you guys in real-time. ♥ I post everything that I make to my Discord first: sketches, WIPs, story snippets, and doodles get dumped in there before they go here. SubscribeStar gets to have the lions' share of the big meaty posts I make about my process and deeper thoughts related to my artwork, though!

You can also share your art, ask me questions, and get a whole feel for who I am as the person you're supporting in the server. And hey, maybe you're not ready to subscribe - that’s no problem at all! Stop by my when I’m streaming to get a feel for who I am and what I'm like, I'd love to meet you!

If you'd like to become a part of my server, become a Subscriber and there will be a button that pops up on the left of my profile page - click that to gain access!

Sometimes, heavy real-world conversation does crop up in my server, especially as it relates to the suppression of fictional expression. A lot of the folks in my server, myself included, have dealt with that kind of stifling environment in both past and present. We try not to dwell though - this is a space meant for positivity, sharing, and uplifting each other first and foremost.

While these conversations don't happen very often, I ask that you practice personal responsibility and duck out if something is uncomfortable or distressing for you. We'll all be here later when the topic has shifted to safer waters, I promise you that.


I urge those of you who want to join to keep an open, unbiased mind. Psychology, especially of the sexual variety, is an oft-talked-about topic in my server. There is an absolute zero-tolerance policy for shaming of any kind. Shame is never the answer to tough subjects.

We talk aout paraphilias, and problematique fiction. There are off color jokes abound, and on more than one occassion I have threatened to read Necrophilia Variations to everyone. That seems to not dissuade anyones' antics in the least.

All fiction is lovely fiction to someone, even if it may personally disgust or upset you.

Incest, underage, gore, noncon, torture, snuff, bestiality, and every obscene or morally objectionable thing you can think of, in possibly any permutation you can conceive. I defend the indefensible; I defend the right for people to express themselves and their existence as honestly and as authentically through art and fiction as they want, need, or can.

While I might find some of those topics in the realm of fiction uncomfortable, distressing, or bordering on morally objectionable myself - they have every right to exist, and I have no right to deny that existence. There is potential for beauty in brutality; there is potential for a rotten core in any perfectly polished moral.

If you're still, somehow, unclear on my stance regarding fictional content, perhaps this Neil Gaiman article, or this Gutterotica statement will assuage your worry. If you are worried while reading this, perhaps I'm not the person for you.

After all, I am the degenerate your puritan authoritarian of choice warned you about.


If you're a fan of my older work, this is a post that you can access once you’ve subscribed to me, with links to specific folders. Those folders are for my Beauty and the Beast fiction and illustrations, my unfinished Predator comic, fiction, and illustrations, and my Xenomorph comics, fiction, and illustrations.

I used to do a lot of fanart, and while I might indulge from time to time now, it is not my focus in the slightest; please don't subscribe with the hope for more of the same. I know a lot of folks love my fanworks, and I'd like to give them the opportunity to have at it, even if it isn't my passion now.

If you're not interested in subscribing but you'd like to get your hands on my past fanwork, I do have specific packs available for sale on my Gumroad store. Any little bit goes a very long way. ♥


If you've decided I'm not the artist for you, and if you're perhaps angry right this minute about what I've written here or who I am - that's okay! I hope you have a pleasant day in spite of that, and I hope you take care of yourself and find creatives who are more in line with your tastes.

For those of you still with me: I want to extend a sincere, heartfelt thank you for considering becoming a subscriber. I couldn't do all that I do without the wonderful folk here supporting me. My subscribers and this platform give me the freedom to breathe for what feels like the first time in my life, and they give me a reason to continue creating and curating exactly what is my most vulnerable, authentic self.

So, honestly, even if you're just reading this welcome post all the way to the bottom and not much else, that's good enough for me, and I thank you for it. ♥