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"Play your hand - freak cards facing up."

My name is Namiin Stone, better known as MoltenGoldArt. I'm an erotic illustrator and author with a singular driving story I want to tell, time and time again: fictional flesh and blood fathers and daughters tangled together to be destined as consensual, consanguineous lovers.

My stories are not for everyone and that’s okay; they aren't meant for everyone. Please read this whole welcome post to get a comprehensive idea of what you're signing up for.

If you want to know even more than what's presented here, check out my website.


I do commissions - usually of the furry variety - and sometimes I do fanart. My work is a bit of a mixed bag at times; I am the kind of artist that will upload a lot of different things in one go, and then pick one thing to focus on at a time until it's done.

My main focus overall is the romance between a pair of characters I've been playing with my husband and best friend Diallo for the last few years: Ila and her father Idris. I take them and put them into various settings: modern, fantastical, supernatural, paranormal, and historical.

I do not share WIPs of my longer writing projects, but I do sometimes share WIPs/snippets of short stories as I write them. I'm currently bouncing between two novella-to-novel sized projects: The Summoning, and Black Stag - White Doe.


Art of an older gentleman with his hands sensually positioned on a much younger woman's throat and shoulder

A girl discovers a book and becomes haunted by more than memory in her late grandfather's attic. The moment she touches it, the moment it burns her - it marks her.

She summons a man who is half-real. She summons a monster whose claws hooked into her heart before she took her first breath. She summons a shadow that makes her so desperate, so full of a horrible, aching grief and longing that it unravels her from her very bones. Whatever he is - man, monster, shadow - she understands innately that she belongs to him.

Ila thought she'd been abandoned in childhood - then she discovers through the loss of her last living relative that she was not abandoned at all. Ila thought she'd been untouchable when her first kiss and every encounter thereafter ended in catastrophe - then she discovers through surreal, sexual nightmares that she was always meant to be touched.

Idris - the man, the monster, the shadow - cannot take her where she belongs. Not yet. He can only guide her to find pieces of the puzzle that lead to him in the wake of a sickness that begins the moment he touches her. He is ancient, but not all knowing - he never knew that a fleeting touch would cascade and spell out Ila's doom. A demon is hollow without his flesh, but a demon's daughter will die without her mate.


Art of an older man playing the violin in black and white

An Arabic, symphonic metal band called Elk Garden vanished without a trace over twenty years ago.

Ila comes home from her third year in an out-of-state college after a car accident that nearly ended her life. Idris, ever her doting father, welcomes her home and encourages her to enroll in a local college. Both to continue her studies and so he can keep a watchful eye on her, since she did not walk away from the accident entirely unscathed.

Idris begins to get peculiar phone calls that have him working long evening hours at his accounting firm, despite being just weeks away from a late retirement at seventy-one. At the same time, Elk Garden makes a sudden, explosive comeback with its seven-foot-five, masked, anonymous southpaw violinist and front man, The Black Stag. As Ila grows closer with a musician named Ahmed over the band's encore twenty-five years in the making, tensions with her father rise at home over what kind of designs he has on her.

Idris can see right through his punk bullshit; Ila is too clouded by affection and a desire to live and thrive in the wake of her car accident to do the same. At their apex, a strange turn of events leads Ila to the backstage of an Elk Garden show. Right into the arms and heart of the mysterious, mythical, eerily familiar Black Stag...

As I bounce between these two settings with Ila and Idris, I'm also writing short stories both in the settings for those novels and outside of those settings. You can read them for free on my website, linked below.



If someone is a fan of my older work, this is a post that can be accessed once I've been subscribed to, with links to specific folders. Those folders are for my Beauty and the Beast fiction and illustrations, my unfinished Predator comic, fiction, and illustrations, and my Xenomorph comics, fiction, and illustrations.

If someone is not interested in subscribing but they'd like to get their hands on my past fanwork, I do have specific packs available for sale on my Gumroad store. Any little bit goes a very long way. ♥


I have a Discord server where I get to interact with my subscribers in real-time. I post everything that I make to my Discord first: sketches, WIPs, story snippets, and doodles get dumped in there before they go here. SubscribeStar gets to have the lions' share of the posts I make about my process and deeper thoughts related to my artwork.

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