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My name's Namiin Stone, also known as MoltenGoldArt. I'm a freelance erotica illustrator and author who can be described as having a singular driving story I want to tell: fictional, fantastical, flesh and blood fathers and daughters tangled together to be destined as consensual, consanguineous lovers.

The settings and characters may change, but their relations to one another and their romances will not.

If you're curious why I'm on this platform, and perhaps not on the one used by most folks - Patreon - I had used Patreon for years, up until early 2019. Patreon has been cracking down on and taking a hardline stance against adult and kink-oriented content, in both creatives and art alike.

That's where my SubscribeStar, and you wonderful folk, come in. I can be my most authentic, least worried self on this platform without the need to censor what my content is and what I love - and that means more stuff for my lovely Subscribers. ♥


I like to say I play a long game as a content creator.

A much older gentleman with his hands sensually positioned on a much younger woman's throat and shoulder

As an author, I will dive headlong into a story and stay there, picking at every facet until I am satisfied - which can take a very long time. I'll hop to the next after that, and the cycle repeats itself.

As an illustrator, I tend to pluck at longer projects that can span a good while. Paintings, sequential art, art with a narrative… Artwork explicitly for a narrative.

My current narrative is about an ancient, unknowable Incubus with intent set fiercely on seducing and possessing the girl that summoned him. The daughter that was made from him, the lover that was made for him and him alone. A girl who thought she was abandoned, unwanted, only to discover through loss, grief, and an inexplicable haunting that she had not been abandoned at all. She had been stolen.

I love writing and illustrating these themes, and I don't see myself stopping any time soon. I want to create what I do and share it with those that also enjoy and find solace in it. If you've found yourself here, then I sincerely hope you like what you've found. ♥


I post everything to my Discord first, and you get the added bonuses of interacting with me and my lovely subscriber community in real time, seeing a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff that doesn't get posted - here or anywhere else - and you get to contribute to me brainstorming ideas for narratives and illustrations. ♥

We have a lot of fun in my Discord, and if you'd like to become a part of it, become a Subscriber and there will be a button that pops up on the left of the screen - click that to gain access.


Fiction is at the forefront of our conversations a lot of the time; I do not allow real-world political discourse in my server. That said - heavy, real-world conversation does sometimes crop up, especially as it may relate to fiction. We try not to dwell though - this is a space meant for positivity, not to wallow in negativity.

I urge those of you who want to join to keep an open mind. Sexual psychology, and psychology in general, is an oft-talked-about topic. I allow absolutely zero shaming of any kind.

All I ask is that you practice rigerous personal responsibility and duck out if something is uncomfortable. We'll all be here later, I promise you that. ♥

All fiction is lovely fiction to someone - yes, even that. If you're still somehow unclear on my stance regarding fictional content, perhaps this Neil Gaiman article, or this Gutterotica statement will assuage your worry.

Yes, I am the degenerate your puritanical authority of choice warned you about.


If you're a fan of romantic, erotic, supernatural and fantastical father/daughter fiction, I'm here to happily oblige you. If you enjoy seeing WIPs and PSDs of artwork and hearing about the process of making illustrations, I have that too - and a lot more.

If you’re a fan of my older work, this is a post that, once you've subscribed to me, you can access with links to specific folders for my Beauty and the Beast fiction and illustrations, my unfinished Predator comic, fiction, and illustrations, and my Xenomorph comics, fiction, and illustrations.

I used to do a lot of fanart, and while I might indulge from time to time now, it is not my focus in the slightest.


If using SubscribeStar is not currently - or at all - an option for you, but you'd like to support me, my content, and gain access to my discord server, I do have alternative payment methods instead.

If you'd like to learn more about how that works, you can find more info on my website by clicking the rose below.


I want to extend a sincere, heartfelt thank you for considering becoming a subscriber; I couldn’t do all that I do without you wonderful folk supporting me. Even just taking a look and reading this post is good enough for me.