A dragon-like character in a catsuit

Hi! I'm Diallo, but most people know me as SpottyJaguar, the black and queer furry artist from FA and Twitter.

A lot of artists who draw "problematic" art are either being forced into hiding or forced to abandon their work, afraid of backlash. To put it mildly, I think that's wrong, especially since I was nearly one of them. These days, with SubscribeStar, Discord, and your support, I'm teaching empathy with kink.

I believe art should let us indulge in any fantasy we have.

Yes, any fantasy.

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What I do

My art consists of all the things I love. Psychology and sexuality; creating characters and telling their stories; and drawing graphic, selfish, shameless porn.

I specialize in feral/anthro pairings (mostly girls and dogs), and villains forcing themselves (or their dogs) onto whoever they please (usually girls). I make a lot of sticky, complicated, unhealthy relationships this way, with characters ranging from naive virgins, to creeps, to survivors, to crimelords. Each one is different.

Nothing is off-limits here. You'll find things you really like, and perhaps things you really don't like. You might even find some things you didn't know you liked! Those are probably my favorite.

an anthro Airedale terrier holding two bottles of wine

My pet project

I'm currently working on an alternate universe setting, where humans never happened, anthro dogs are the dominant species, and normal dogs play an eerie role. A dovgverse, if you will, where most of my characters live. On the right, for example, is Blaine - Airedale terrier, nutritionist, and on-again-off-again cannibal.

Content warnings

The the best part about my art is that none of this is real. It's just really hot.

Themes I enjoy (click me!)

• Ferals
• Relatives
• Young characters/age gap
• Force and non-consent

• Fetish terms (dgirl/cboy)
• The "trap" trope
• Violence and abuse
• Blood and gore

Per-image/post warnings will be given for any art with gore (serious injury, organs, excessive blood), any NSFW art with young characters, and some non-con art. Warnings for text/descriptions are not guaranteed.

What you get

I'm doing this for a living, something that's only possible because of the people who think my work is valuable, and support me doing it! If you're one of those people, then I'm here to connect with you. My goal is simply to give back some of the kindness I've been shown over the years, drawing a lot of porn along the way.

As a subscriber, you can see 100% of my art, for just $1 a month. There's bigger tiers if you want 'em - every dollar means more security for my family, and more art for you - but they're optional. Pay what you can afford, and I'll do the rest.

Shout-out to...

Mulefoot, Xetsa, Max Factor, Partran, VoidPhoenix, ShadowWolf94, and Nyghtwulf - people who can and do go the extra mile for my work. You're amazing ♥

The Discord (and the empathy!)

a large anthro great dane man staring down at a much smaller spaniel girl

My subscriber-only Discord server is how I'll connect and share my art with you! I do make regular posts here on SubscribeStar, but my server gets everything the second it's available.

It also has some unique perks! It's the best way to interact with my work, to learn about my process and tools, and to grill me with questions. At this point, you've got to have some questions.

This server is easy to use, with a simple layout, a friendly atmosphere, and a kink-friendly design; instead of dividing things, all kinks are shared the same few channels, so you not only get to see others talk openly about what they like, but to do so yourself. Passive exposure to people and things you may have otherwise avoided will encourage you to judge the person, not the kink - something sorely lacking in public spaces.

You should definitely expect some psychology talk, too. It's one of my loves, after all!

That said, personal accountability is key. There's a difference between being adventurous and being reckless, so if you need to take a break, take a break! We're not goin' anywhere.

Why support me?

an anthro mule standing nude and erect

SubscribeStar is still new in my neck of the woods, but it's the best way to promote the kind of work I do, and to ensure I keep doing it. On top of that, it helps other artists like me, by making this platform a viable option for us to use. In short, it makes you kind of a hero.

SubscribeStar charges monthly based on the date your first payment, so if you join on the 25th of this month, you will be charged on the 25th of next month, and so on.

If you need an account, sign up here! With this link, SS pays me a small amount if you support other creators, or become one yourself.


I think you should support the artist that's perfect for your tastes, so here are some personal recommendations for other pro-kink creators, each with their own, unique work. If you support any of them, you're also supporting me - literally, thanks to SubscribeStar's referral program!


Namiin illustrates one tale, time and time again - fathers and daughters in blinding love.

More coming soon.

If you're an artist anything like me, who's on, or thinking of switching to, SusbscribeStar, then I want to hear from you!

Networking (click me!)

SubscribeStar's referral program has two parts.

Getting support for your work. SS takes a 7% fee from your earnings, but if you sign up with my referral link, they give a as much as 50% of those fees to me. This comes out of their pocket, not yours.

Connecting supporters to your work. Just like my recommendations above, if someone subscribes to you via my referral link, we both get paid. I get a 20% of their pledge the first month, and 3% each month after that. This does come out of your pocket, but I think it's worth it - I only benefit as long as you have those supporters, can turn into clients and other valuable benefits.

Anyone can become a referrer and get a cut this way. You can opt out if you like, but I think it's a great opportunity for artists to form real connections and help each other succeed. With algorithms and ad-friendly guidelines constantly making life especially hard for NSFW artists, I think we need that now more than ever.

If you're interested in networking with me this way, reach out! I can't affiliate with everyone, but, if nothing else, maybe I can help you get set up. Email [email protected], or send DM on Twitter.

Thank you!

No matter what you do now, you read this far. That makes you cool in my book.

If you're not quite sold, you should definitely get to know me better. Browse through my website, or, better yet, meet me yourself! Follow me on Picarto and catch my next art stream

If not, well, have some more art, and a lovely day ♥