[Experimental] Huge'ol earlier than usual update post! Bukakke Naomi Test Build! Odd Dicks! New UI Previews! Sex Position peviews!

At the moment I'm still making the fixes to all the animations and stuff, but that doesn't mean I have nothing new to show! Because i'm uncertain if i'll have a proper build before the end of the month for everyone due to all the issues, I've decided to release this experiment to all supporters!

Bukakke Naomi!

Download: Dropbox / MEGA 

In this test build simply click on Naomi to add some cum on her, anywhere! I wanted to make this a particle effect but i'm having an issue where for some reason the cum paints on the opposite side of where it hits (this is a confirmed issue from the plugin developer of what i use to paint the texture, will be fixed shortly). So for now it's just mouse click.

But this presents my solution to external cum  effects. For now it will be a particle effect that will add cum, but in the future i may use fluid or rope physics. 

I also need to make adjustments to my shaders for hair and fur to support a UV2 texture, else the "painting" won't work correctly. So for now and possibly some time the cum textures may only apply to skin and clothing. 

You can expect the next build and animation set to work as a test for this! Glad i'm finally getting this crucial feature out of the way!

Also i don't think this is the only way i'll do external cum i may use additional methods for better effect.

UI Previews!

I currently found a programmer who will help with UI and some other stuff, i'm not making particular announcements until I have a build with their work. But for now here's some of the UI mockups which will be implemented when we transition from "preview" to "demo". Making the game work and function more like the final game rather than a scene viewer. 

First is the "Daily menu", each day you'll get a menu like this, with various activities to do which can have various event triggers. The options there are only concepts for now but they should give some perspective of plans. You may see this menu twice a day depending on "phase". Think persona.  

Next is the calendar screen. The final games story will take place over the period of a year or so, following the daily structure, some events will happen on certain days so a calendar menu is important.

Then there's the clothing shop, for a while everything is unlocked for you guys, but the final game has an unlocking system built on "spare cash" which increases every week. My goal is to have multiple shops but there will be at least one. Full of normal clothes and lewd clothes.

You can buy as much as you like from what you have, and may need to save for some. I really want a lot of clothing options... 

Excuse the odd appearance of Naomi here this is outside of playing the build. With the shop comes a new clothing selection system. The current UI would be a problem with a large selection of clothing. So something with categories would be better. Along with supporting multiple accessory slots for miscellaneous stuff. 

Keep in mind these are all very basic mock ups so the function can be made. I'll get proper UI design later. Promise!

Pose Previews!

Next is pose previews for new animations! I might not have a build this month but i will have some animation renders to show!  Featuring doggy style! 

This will be a sex sim animation set, and my ultimate goal for these is to have a variety of alternate positions coming from the main position. That said here's a bunch of the initial "pre entry" poses i made. And some others made for other purposes. 

I'm going for a bit of a different feel than i usually see...

And i really want to do a blow job animation to test the cum stuff, that will come next probably...

Lastly here's some "Sitting on the couch watching TV poses"

This ones my favorite though so you get two :P

These will all be come animations in due time as need comes. The doggy style animation will have animated previews before the end of the month (probably really close though i've spent most my animation time fixing honestly).

Odd dicks!

I promised odd dicks you get odd dicks! These were only adapted by me, doing retopology and converting polypaint to PBRtextures. These are not the final versions of the asset as the final version will allow for color customization. But that's a whole thing...

As I said before none of this more stuff has anything to do with the games story. It's just a fun thing you can do. 

the sculpts were provided by the awesome artist Happy Otter! You should check out his stuff he's amazing!

Here's the two models, pinky dick and purple dick.

And this is only the start! I've also added options for various "normal" dicks sizes and they'll soon have optional texture too (still the customization issue tho so that will be later). All of these should be in the next build!

More soon I don't like talking about until it's done...

I wish i could talk about more but to avoid putting my foot in my moth i prefer to keep quiet. And some things i can't show until i finish paying some people.

So i'm sorry for the periodic silence but i'm doing my best!

I promise to get a proper build out ASAP, These fixes just turned out to be a bigger undertaking than anticipated. But i'd say about 90% of the animation fixing work is done at this point. I think the last set is the sex sim cowgirl animations and those were very simple animations relatively. 

After that, it will likely take a few days of work to reexport all the animations, and then it's dealing with some strange new quirks i encountered buildwise. 

this sucks cause i really wanted to focus on just content -_-...

Anyway thanks for your support everyone! It really means a lot and i'll do right by you guys.