Hello my dear supporters!

It's time to declare our plans for November, and tell You what exactly we are working on now! First of all We do read your comments, and want to improve our project! We are very grateful for Your bug-reports, and sharing of thoughts! In this way my ideas about different features become a vision of how some features will work!

1. The dialogues.
We saw a lot of problems with messed-up lines, bad English (note that in some places it's a dialect of characters, and not mistakes), and confusing lines.
Right now Myrhail will take care of this part (before it was result of my work, and writing isn't my strongest field), and we will do our best to make the next release more pleasurable for you!

2. The performance.
We are aware of countless problems with performance here and there especially with graphic part slow dress-up, decrease of FPS, and else. When I started this project I didn't know anything about weak points of the engine. Receiving this much complaints we can clearly see its weak points.
Therefore we are looking for experience Java Script programmer, who will help us to solve some of those problems, and mistakes in the existing plugins. Also we are working on optimization of images to reduce their size for the engine to render them faster.

3. New content.
This release was just a small start on big road. We keep making content to bring you a pleasure! We are working on new content and scenes at the moment.
We will try to make up to 2 scenes with art in November (exactly what scenes will be kept under wraps until their release). I want to make more, but cannot make any empty promises, and 2 new scenes sounds very close to reality with current funds.
Also we want to add tailor shop where you will be able to buy new clothes element for Adelina.
Also we want to add more story-related content with Ryse, if we will have enough time for that.

4. Core Changes.
We want to move possibility to change clothes from ingame menu to specific places (like wardrobe in apartment or changing room in tailor shop), but we need to know what you think about it before we will make such decisions.
We want to redo Combat System (a lot of people say, that it's unique, and we want to make it even more unique!) to make it more dynamic, versatile, challenging, and interesting. It will be really big change, and it will take a lot of time to design and produce it, but I want you to know, that we working on it. This change will have impact on weapon modification system too. Weapon will receive ammo types, more weapon parts (and possibility to build combat tactics, that will suit you most) skill levels and progressions, and a lot else. More information will be available once this idea grow-up to solution.

Thank You all for support! It's very important to us, and helps us making content.
Best wishes