More progress on v0.3.5.5


First of all, as I thought, getting Axel's quest content added is taking a little longer than I'd planned, so v0.3.5.5 isn't ready just yet...

Secondly, to let you know what I've got done this week, I've improved and fixed bugs in the forced-transformation content, got the framework for Axel's quest added, fixed more general bugs, and added a few other minor things. Next week I will just need to write the content and possibly make some edits to the framework, as I'm not 100% happy with the flow of it at the moment. I'm hoping that it won't be too much longer before v0.3.5.5 is out and released for supporters here on SubscribeStar, and then after that I'll be able to get started on the public release of v0.3.6.

Finally, thank you for your patience, and again for all of your support, feedback, and bug reports!