Progress on v0.3.5.5

Hello again!

I know that I should have made a post on Friday keeping you updated as to how progress towards v0.3.5.5 is going, but I thought that I'd just end up repeating myself in this post, so I decided to just roll news of progress into here. (I hope you don't mind!)

Anyway, as far as progress is concerned, I've fixed numerous bugs and made other minor improvements over the course of the last week, and have also added the improved day/night cycle features that I'd mentioned before. The in-game date will now be used to calculate times for sunrise and sunset, based on the coordinates 51.4934 N, 0.0000 E. I've also added some minor UI improvements to make it clearer when it's day & night, as well as some basic routines for shops closing and some unique NPCs going to bed at night.

With all that out of the way, I'll use the rest of this week to improve the forced-transformation content, as well as implement Axel's quest. I've got all of his quest content planned out already, but adding in the framework and then writing the actual content itself always takes longer than I expect, so I'm still unsure of a date for when v0.3.5.5 will be ready. I'll make another progress post on Friday, and I'll hopefully have a rough release time estimate ready by then.

Thank you all once again for your support, bug reports, and feedback!