We need your input!

With this large cumulative update, we find ourselves wondering… Do you enjoy reading these catch up posts, or would you prefer smaller ones more frequently?

We’re aware that the sparseness of updates is a little troubling, and we’d like to be completely transparent about it. Since getting back on the saddle after our apartment woes, we have found it difficult to keep up with both working on the project and talking about it at the same time.

We’d like to fix that! We’re thinking that maybe a little brainstorm session with you guys would be the best way for us to find a better way of communicating about our progress without impacting the production of the project you are eager to experience!

  • Are there specific aspects of the development you are most interested in hearing about?
  • Do you enjoy Pink’s live streaming sessions? Did you even know about them!?
  • Is Twitter a good way to offer smaller updates?
  • Do you enjoy the discord server? Are there any ways we could improve it?

Let us know in the comments section down bellow, or join the conversation on Discord.