Development Progress Report

Hi, guys. 

So, a lot of stuff was implemented since last update. Mostly, I was busy with polishing the gameplay mechanis, trying to make it as decent as I can. I mean, having sex-scenes is great, but why bother including it in platformer if it's gameplay will be shit.

There was a suggestion in comments to make skin changing function. I liked the idea and It was added, along with the new default skin:

I tried to go for Akabur's original one and it kinda came up better than my previous one. I don't know what's the colors of this one shoud be, so I went for the pallete I had for previous outfit. If someone cares for proper colors, contact me, I'll add it as an option for skins selection list. The previous outfit will be able for choosing too, if you prefer it.

Changing skins will affect Lola's dialogue bust, I'm not sure about sex scenes - I'll leave it last, if I'll see it as doable relatively quickly - Lola's outfits during sex will be changeable as well.

New level graphics added for "Illegal Sex Doll Factory" that player can choose to visit:

Nothing much to describe here, just some technological environment with wires, scratches and rust to set the mood. Also the slanting orange lines, naturally everywhere.

Some classical stuff like exploding barrels and crates were added.

Crates have high chance of dropping money and very rarely they drop healing stuff. Like crates, enemies are now dropping money too - the toughter an enemy the more cash he drops. Barrels can explode with chain reaction from nearest barrels, and besides enemy it can damage player as well. I plan to do some easy puzzles using the barrels and destructions of crates in large numbers, which feels weirdly satisfying.

Besides a way to make money, a way to spend it was added. Which is through vending machines that will be placed in various spots of a level and through this thingy:

Dahr is an artist who gives Akabur a hand with his projects form time to time. If you played "Witch Trainer" or "Star Channel 34" games, you might notice that the "Dahr's Oddities" brand was used for shops there. Since the game is about Akabur's character, I though it would be appropriate to use Dahr's cameo here too, in the same manner. He gave me his okay and I drew his avatar on everything that's connected to sales.

With the Upgrade Station you can improve Lola's weapons and increase maximum health, maximum cans you can carry and to make Lola breathe under water. After I'll add pause menu the "Improvement process" of the guns will be visualised there as well.

I didn't calibrate the "economy" yet, so the prices you see at the screenshots are at random and will be changed later. You can check how the whole thing works in the attached video.

So what else. I created a few enemies, let's give them a showcase too:

Bug Plug.

I tried to go for a larger version of Spiky, at first (it's the little red dick-looking monster), but then I got carried away. Now we're having a jumping, roaring fiend that's persistently trying to bite Lola's ass.

I thought to nerf him at first, but then I desited that being challenging suits the fucker. I have plans to add to his AI later, and I don't know what to add for him to made him even toughter in Hard-Core difficlulty. I guess, I'll had to go with lame stuff like bigger HP and stronger attack.

Plasma Beads.

Another weponised sex-toy. It pours a rain of slow shots at you. Every ball is a separated turret that can be destroyed also separately. I'd like to thank sex-toys industry for giving a rich source of ideas.

Laser Mine.

This mine not only explodes when you touch it, it also can fuck up a running spree with rail-gun shot if you try to jump over it.

You can notice that it blinks with white light. It was red before, but in action the mine came up as hardly noticeable, so I changed it on the brightest color. Sounds like a no biggie, which will be proved wrong on hard-core difficulty where I'll bring back the red one.


Not much to say about this foe besides strategies of fighting it, but I rather leave it to you to discover. All I'll share that B88B's range of fire is bigger than the range of following player before pulling out it's gun. Levels where you meet him will be constructed in a way to get the most out this foe.

Alright, that's it for the most significant stuff that was made. I can't mention everything. If you want to go into more details, check my Worksheet Archive, I'm trying to note everything there. Of course, it's unreal to mention every little tweak, but for getting some kind of a picture of work process it's enough.

I'm going to re-write script before sending it to Lyk. I wrote it with mindset that everybody played Akabur's games and knows who she is. (I kinda did it with TDLT too). This game will go on Steam, where nobody knows Lola. Therefore, I'm going to re-introduce her.

I'm getting "I wait for TDLT" a lot. I'm grateful that you guys like this game, and I know how waiting can be frustrating. I still can't tell dates. At this point it's about 50% of the free public build of ERO Unit is done. By saying this I mean the amount of elements I planned to include. I'm not saying that to finish it, it will take the same amount of time I spend on working on ERO Unit until now. Some elements are hard to make, some coming out as too easy. But I try to work in progress from the hardest shit to the easiest, so that's that.

I promised to share stuff about TDLT after every ERO Unit update. It was a about a month worth content update, so It will be fair to share the same amount of content for TDLT. I'm going prepare stuff for a separate post about it right now.