Hello again!

I wanted to make this quick post to let you all know what I have planned for the next couple of versions. I also wanted to let you know that I am aware of some bugs still being present in v0.3.5.1, but I'll hold off on making another hotfix, and will roll the fixes into v0.3.5.5 and then v0.3.6. I'll make another blog post at the end of the week to let you know how things are progressing.

Plan for v0.3.5.5:
  1. Adding basic day/night cycle routines for some unique NPCs and shops, and adding better UI indication of day/night time.
  2. Adding Axel's quest, which will include a new rat-boy character, a map for the Rat Warrens, and more Roxy content.
  3. Improving the forced-transformation content.
  4. Fixing bugs.
  5. Other minor things.

Once v0.3.5.5 is released (which will be a SubscribeStar/github preview), I'll move on to the public release of v0.3.6, which will add the final parts of Dominion & sex content that I'd promised ages ago. Once that's done, I'll (finally) be free to move on to adding Foloi Fields and main quest content.

Plan for v0.3.6:
  1. Alexa's romance content.
  2. Enforcer encounter content.
  3. Size-difference sex content.
  4. Fixing bugs.
  5. Other minor things.