Version 0.3.5 Release

Hello again!

Once again I'm sorry about the delays leading up to this release; adding Claire's content, making the changes to slavery, and some of the other work took longer than I thought. I won't be making release date estimates in the future, and will instead simply say what it is I'm planning on getting added for the next version. I'll then make blog/SubscribeStar posts every Monday and Friday to let you know how I'm progressing.

Anyway, as to what I've added in this version, it's mainly Claire's quest, along with some minor slavery improvements and additions. I've also changed the personality system (again) to replace the old, vague personality values with some well-defined traits. This will allow me to factor in personality-related dialogue variations a lot easier in the future, and I will also be able to use it to influence NPCs' default combat and sex behaviour.

Another huge addition to this version is the inclusion of DSG's enforcer uniforms, which total 57 new items of clothing and weaponry. Along with these items, DSG has also created a lot of enforcer-related lore, which will be referenced and delivered to the player across the course of the game (and added in pieces here and there in future updates). I really think that this will help to give a lot more depth to content related to the enforcers, and, speaking of which, there will be some new content on that front added in an upcoming version (probably v0.3.7).

For the next release (v0.3.5.5), I'm aiming to get a few things done. First, I'm going to add a (very basic) day/night cycle system, along with some (very basic) routines for unique NPCs. This will just be things like Lilaya & Rose going to their rooms at night, some shops only being open during the day, a higher chance of alleyway attacks at night, etc.

Along with that addition, I'll also be adding in Axel's quest, which will see you (finally) being able to interact with the 'Rat Warrens' tile in Submission. As usual, I'll also be fixing bugs and making other improvements at the same time.

After that, I'll be working on the full public release of v0.3.6, which will (also finally) be focused on getting all the last parts of Dominion and Submission content finished off, so that I can start adding content for the Fields. Sorry that it's taking me so long to get around to adding that content, but it won't be long now!

I know that a lot of you say to stop apologising, but I am very sorry once again for the delays leading up to this version. Thank you all for your patience, and for your kind and supportive comments!

P.S. If there are any major bugs, I will aim to get a hotfix out for the weekend. I have tested all of the new content, and didn't run into any bugs in it, but you never know...

v0.3.5 Download Links
Pre-zipped: Mega
Full folder: Google Drive
.exe (for Windows):
Pre-zipped: Mega
Full folder: Google Drive
32-bit .exe (for 32-bit Windows):
Pre-zipped: Mega
Full folder: Google Drive

v0.3.5 Patch Notes
Added a teleportation-related quest to Claire's content, which is available to start at any time via talking to her about teleportation.
Added a repeatable sex scene with Claire that can be accessed after completing her teleportation quest.
Overhauled the old, rather vague, personality system into one based on well-defined personality traits (which will make it a lot easier for me to factor them into dialogue variations in the future).
Old personalities are converted into the new system upon loading into this version, but if you want to save-edit it to something more suitable for your character, then you can add the traits in <trait> tags within a character's <personality> tag. Values can be found here:

DSG's Enforcer Clothing & Weapon Contributions:
Added a huge amount of enforcer-related clothing (48 unique items of clothing), created by 'DSG'.
Added 9 new enforcer-related weapons (2 melee and 7 ranged), also all created by 'DSG'.
The full list of new clothing and weapons is at the end of these patch notes.

Added 'office' room upgrade, along with 'office worker' jobs for slaves, and moved the 'Slave List' action from your room into the office (and renamed it to 'Occupancy ledger').
The occupancy ledger now only tracks the last 7 days (to avoid save file bloat), and no longer gets spammed full of 'placeholder event' entries.
Milking events have been consolidated into one event per hour. (Previously saved milking event entries will only display milk collected, but events generated from this version onwards will correctly display milk, crotch-milk, girlcum, and cum.)
Changed job assignment mechanics to support a different (or the same, if you want) job being assigned in each of the 24 hour time slots.
Slightly improved the slave job assignment UI as part of this change.
Tidied up the slave permissions and job settings menus to reduce the amount of scrolling needed to access all permissions.
Exercise and diet permissions now have a targeted size that you want your slave to be at, instead of perpetually increasing/decreasing their muscle and body size each day until switched back to the 'average' setting.
Added 'fatigue' value to jobs, and changed the 'overworked' status effect into three effects of increasing severity, which are gained at 1->9, 10->19, and 20+ daily fatigue.
Added a 'behaviour' permissions category, allowing you to set how slaves should act towards you.
Added 'bedroom' job for slaves, allowing you to assign them to wait on you and sleep with you in your bedroom.

Slightly improved the description of your room and added a couple of room upgrades for it.
Characters with the denial fetish now lose affection if you end sex with them without giving them or denying them at least one orgasm.
Increased potion effect corruption gain from drinking Lilith's Gift (+1 corruption) and Impish Brew (+5 corruption) to +25 and +50 corruption, respectively.
Put all fast travel actions inside of Lilaya's Home into a separate tab, which can now be accessed anywhere inside her house.
Unified icon colour of all the game's laboratory tiles (Lilaya's, Zaranix's, and the one in the Imp Citadel) to lime green.
NPCs now prefer to remove clothing in chest slots during sex (i.e. bras), rather than just displacing them.
Gave Brax the background perk 'dirty minded' to give him a level of corruption to suit his disposition.
Quest progress updates are now added to the event log.
Added red border around equipped weapon icons which do not have enough essences to use, added a wanring in the tooltip that this is the case, and added an indication of how many essences a character has in their attribute information tooltip (when hovering over their name in the left or right panel).
Added unisex/feminine/masculine indication in clothing tooltips, and melee/ranged indication in weapon tooltips.
Maps not yet visited/discovered are no longer displayed as a '???' action in the map screen.
Updated Brax's, Claire's, and Candi's enforcer uniforms to use the new enforcer clothing from DSG. When buying Brax/Bree, they will now have their uniform in their inventory. If Brax/Bree is already your slave, they will have their new uniform in their inventory when loading into this version.
Tidied up Brax's dialogue, changed reference of his title of 'Chief of Dominion Operations' to just being an 'Inspector', and moved all his dialogue into external res files.
Improved 'heels' icon, and made some very minor changes to colouration of some other footwear.
The old enforcer clothing is now part of a 'slutty enforcer' set, and provides lust damage bonuses.
Added teleportation restrictions to certain areas and tiles (which are ignored if you are using debug mode).
Inventory weapon descriptions now display the weapon's essence cost to fire, as well as whether it's melee/ranged and one/two handed.
Expanded Enforcer Headquarters map to include some cells for Claire's (and future) content. (You only see it as an alternative defeat scene if non-con is off.)
Improved flow of dialogue when interacting with Claire.
NPCs are now only half as likely to use tease attacks against enemies they are not attracted to.

Parsing/grammar/typo fixes.
Fixed Dominion street tiles which have a special location on them taking 5 minutes to traverse instead of the usual 2.
Fixed the 'Grope breasts (self)' sex action not being correctly treated as a self-performing action.
Non-sex actions which have requirements (such as several of the actions when interacting with Brax) should now correctly be disabled if you don't meet the requirements.
Fixed issue where the game could softlock when one of your slaves ambushed you to have sex with you.
Fixed a cause of soft-locking in sex scenes (was definitely affecting Rose's sex scene, and probably other ones too in some rare cases).
Brax's perks are no longer automatically assigned when you reset his perk tree.
Fixed incorrect Brax's description incorrectly stating that he'd been turned into a bimbo wolf-girl if you hadn't feminised or bimboified him.
Fixed several issues with the availability requirements and damage calculations for the 'fertility', 'virility', 'dominant' and 'submissive' fetish-unlocked special tease attacks.
The 'Object of desire' perk now correctly applies the '+1 orgasms before satisfied' effect to half-demons, demons, and imps.
Amber no longer ends sex after orgasming once, and will now keep on going until she's fully satisfied.
Characters in glory hole sex scenes will no longer pointlessly displace/remove their clothing.
Post-sex affection changes now correctly display why NPCs are losing affection towards other sex participants.
Fixed bug where randomly generated NPCs could sometimes have clothing equipped into mutually exclusive slots (such as overbust corset and bras being equipped together), which would then result in the items of clothing blocking the removal of one another.
Starting a game with an imported character no longer resets their modified age appearance.
Fixed numerous background errors being thrown when starting a game with an imported character, and fixed issue where imported characters wouldn't have their position set to be in the museum.
Starting a game with an imported character now correctly resets tracking of worlds visited, friendly occupants, quests, and characters encountered.
Fixed bug where scenes with more then four participants would only have positioning menu slots available as though there were only two participants.
Fixed issue where error log would get notifications of two pieces of clothing 'blocking one another's removal', even if they weren't at all.
Fixed bug where attempting to equip clothing that conflicted with slots already used by other currently-equipped clothing would cause numerous errors and a softlock.
Fixed issue with unnecessary whitespace characters being present in outfit xml files.
Fixed issue where clothing with a mix of good and bad enchantments would always be considered 'bad', even if the overall net result of the enchantments was positive.
Fixed half-demon youko icons not being displayed correctly.
Fixed bug where the 'characters present' button would not work.
Fixed issue where using fast travel would not increment time until after you'd already arrived, resulting in your destination sometimes not correctly displaying the correct dialogue.
Fixed move cooldown tooltip descriptions always displaying information based on your stats and equipment, rather than the actual character who has the cooldown applied to them.
Fixed bug where you could remove a milking room while slaves were being milked in there.
Fixed a related bug where slaves would continue treating a room as a milking room even after you'd removed the milking room upgrade (so tehy'd keep travelling back to the removed milking room's location in order to get milked).
Slaves will no longer generate job events, have their affection/obedience affected by their job, nor earn income if they are not able to reach their job destination (typically caused by removal of their job's room).
Fixed issue that was causing NPCs to sometimes pull out when orgasming even if you were using a method of forcing creampie (such as leg-locking).
Fixed bug where swapping sex actions (such as going directly from getting fingered to being penetrated) sometimes wouldn't work.
Fixed issue where a fully upgraded 'ice shard' spell would not apply the critical hit stun effect when used more than once in a single turn.
Fixed clothing names having the incorrect enchantment postfix appended to them, and fixed negative enchantments on clothing not correctly identifying them as 'bad' items of clothing.
Getting a character to grow a cock during sex (or growing one yourself) via the 'Grow cock' action now correctly recalculates all NPCs' sex preferences (so they might decide to use the new cock available to them).
Fixed issue where buying/selling elixirs would turn it into a blank elixir.
Fixed issue where removing a dildo which was involved in an ongoing penetration would cause an error to be thrown and the sex scene to then display odd behaviour.
Fixed bug where you were able to remove Rose's clothing in the post-panty masturbation sex scene with her.
Fixed issue with randomly generated characters pawning in with same-coloured heterocromatic eyes.
Arcane vampyrism's effects now work correctly.
Fixed self-TF menu's crotch boob lactation regeneration setting incorrectly affecting the character's main breasts lactation regeneration.
Fixed unidentified clothing's 'Unknown' effects header being coloured corresponding to the rarity of the clothing (which was making it possible to tell if clothing was jinxed or not without identifying it).
Fixed issue in combat where moves which applied status effects would keep on adding to that status effect's duration, instead of refreshing it to the standard applied duration.
Fixed Jolnir's coat not concealing torso slots, and the antler headband having an incorrect description.
Weapons which are part of a set now count towards gaining the set bonus if they are all equipped in jut main or just offhand weapon slots (only applicable to characters with multiple arms).
Fixed bug where any character other than the player having the 'Aura Burn' status effect in combat would cause combat to bug out and softlock.
Altered the way the game handles kissing, so that when kissing another character in sex, the ongoing status effect (showing tongue in mouth) and all related arousal effects are applied to both of you.
Items which cannot be sold (i.e. unique quest items) will now correctly have their icon greyed-out in your inventory when interacting with a shopkeeper.
Fixed ongoing sex action tooltips not taking into account whether the action was being self-performed.
Fixed all combat moves not triggering special health damage effects (from sadist or masochist fetishes).
Fixed debug menu's 'All clothing' action (in the 'Item view' tab) not working.
Fixed inverted sex action bypass content setting (i.e. it was allowing sex action bypass when turned off, and disallowing it when turned on).
Fixed bug where Brax sometimes wouldn't be moved to Candi's desk after completing his part of the main quest.
Fixed bugs in Candi's dialogue, where the game would always display the initial Brax reaction scene, and also where Candi would always react to her pregnancy as though it was the first time you seeing it. Also slightly improved flow of her dialogue.
Brax now correctly loses affection towards you after completing his section of the main quest.
Fixed bug in pathing where it was possible to walk over impassable tiles.
Spell books no longer incorrectly state that they give +10 elemental damage.
Fixed bug where you sometimes had no orgasm actions available.
Fixed incorrect subspecies being present in the Submission enforcer posts.
Fixed Submission's imp attackers spawning with no essences with with to fire their bows.
Fixed issue with Meraxis and Lilaya having incorrect orifice and lip colours after becoming full demons.
Using 'all-out strike' is no longer possible when you only have two arms and are using a two-handed weapon.
Fixed some very minor appearance issues with Lyssieth.
Fixed bug where slaves would only be milked once each time you rested, instead of once per hour for the amount of hours spent resting.
The 'Ass-to-mouth' and 'Pussy-to-mouth' orgasm actions are not correctly marked as being sadistic.
Fixed bug with the race books in the library not showing their contents correctly.

DSG's Enforcer Clothing Contributions:
The full list of DSG's Enforcer clothing (categorised by inventory slot) is as follows:
Head slot:
Enforcer's bowler hat (Feminine).
Enforcer's cap (Masculine).
Enforcer's riot helmet (Unisex).
Enforcer's beret (Unisex).
ORICL beret (Unisex).
SWORD beret (Unisex).
Enforcer's combat helmet (Unisex).
Eyes slot:
Ballistic glasses (Unisex).
Enforcer's ballistic goggles (Unisex).
Enforcer's night vision goggles (Unisex).
Mouth slot:
Enforcer's gas mask (Unisex).
Neck slot:
Enforcer's riot neck protector (Unisex).
Over-torso slot:
Enforcer's stabproof vest (Unisex).
Enforcer's riot armour (Unisex).
Enforcer's Chief Superintendent's coat (Unisex).
Enforcer's Superintendent's coat (Unisex).
Enforcer's Inspector's coat (Unisex).
Enforcer's Constable's coat (Unisex).
Enforcer's greatcoat (Unisex).
Commando sweater (Unisex).
Enforcer's commando sweater (Unisex).
V-necked commando sweater (Unisex).
Heavy Enforcer's plate carrier (Unisex).
Enforcer's plate carrier (Unisex).
Brax's Enforcer Inspector coat (Unisex).
Enforcer's Constable's coat (Unisex).
Candi's Enforcer Constable coat (Unisex).
Claire's Enforcer Sergeant coat (Unisex).
Claire's stabproof vest (Unisex).
Torso slot:
Enforcer's long-sleeved blouse (Feminine).
Enforcer's short-sleeved blouse (Feminine).
Enforcer's long-sleeved shirt (Masculine).
Enforcer's short-sleeved shirt (Masculine).
Combat shirt (Unisex).
Enforcer's combat shirt (Unisex).
Wrists slot:
Enforcer's riot arm guards (Unisex).
Enforcer's tactical elbow pads (Unisex).
Hips slot:
Enforcer's utility belt (Unisex).
Enforcer's riot belt (Unisex).
Enforcer's heavy battle belt (Unisex).
Enforcer's battle belt (Unisex).
Enforcer's dress belt (Unisex).
Enforcer's stable belt (Unisex).
Legs slot:
Enforcer's tactical trousers (Unisex).
Enforcer's uniform skirt (Feminine).
Enforcer's slacks (Unisex).
Enforcer's dress slacks (Unisex).
Feet slot:
Enforcer's jackboots (Unisex).
Enforcer's pumps (Feminine).
Tactical combat boots (Unisex).
Ankles slot:
Enforcer's riot shin guards (Unisex).
Enforcer's tactical kneepads (Unisex).

DSG's Enforcer Weapon Contributions:
The full list of DSG's Enforcer weapons (categorised by melee/ranged) are as follows:
Melee slot:
Enforcer's baton.
Enforcer's riot shield.
Ranged slot:
Cryoprism gun.
LSG-9000 stun gun.
Pepper grenade launcher.
Pepperball pistol.
Pepperball rifle.
Arcane taser.
Revolving tranquiliser rifle.