Hey guys!

Version 0.215 is available for the public!


It's strongly recommended to start the game from the very beginning due to the modification of saving progress code. Some old saves from v. 0.21 may work, but they will not be stable.

Cheats: Click three times on Caron’s boobs in the main menu to unlock the gallery.

If you find any bugs - please make a screenshot or a video with a detailed explanation for me. I am active on our Discord server, so it’s the best place to report bugs to me. If you see 7z format the first time then I remind you that 7Z archives can be opened by free 7-Zip software

Full changelog (0.215):
  • Stage 2 content available for the public;
  • The updated prologue with voiceover and auto-progress;
Fixed bugs/improvements:
  • Fixed a bug with losing mission completion data;
  • Fixed a bug with Caron's scene playing all the time when visiting her with proper affection level;
  • Fixed Fat Thug HCG not unlocking after completing Stage 2.1/2.2/2.3;
  • Fixed a couple of broken lines of the first conversation with Ming;
  • Decreased the volume of all click sounds for UI to make it more ear-friendly;
  • The frequency of some voice commands for enemies was decreased to avoid spamming with voice commands too often;
  • Decreased the intensity of some spotlights on Stage 1 to make it look equally on Low and Medium graphics quality;
  • Android: Fixed missing Stage 1.1/1.2 scheme sprites in intros;
  • Fixed some level geometry for Stage 2 missions and SpiderBot's stunning animation bug;
  • "Complete mission" button will remain in the cheats menu for possible rare emergency situations or crashes because it can help the player to repeat the walkthrough quickly.

Stay tuned for updates, thanks for your patience!