Game view test

A Solution for Performance on Android

(Note screenshots are old tests)

So I've been considering some ideas to make dealing with performance on android easier for a broader set of platforms. Then i remembered "Oh yeah i have a solution i tested"...

See the more objects have shadows, the more objects have materials the worse performance can get. I can remedy this through some optimization methods i have but the issue there is that those things take time, and if i want to edit the scene I have to undo it all. So it's not ideal to do this stuff every build. 
Editor View

So my solution is to give the option to disable the environment entirely and simply have a background image, This is similar to how it's done in games like Artificial Academy 2. 

This way at the very least Naomi can look as good as she can, and this change shouldn't affect PC builds at all and i can go a bit harder on quality without completely invalidating mid development android builds. Might make some dialogue scenes odd, but only a little.

Anyway this should be implemented in the next build for android, and will be available on all platforms thereafter. So that means WebGL will benefit and any low end PC's should be good too cause if your PC can't handle rendering basically single solo character I dunno what to tell you. 

Thanks for your support!