September's Voting Results
The results are in, and it's a tie! What I'm really impressed with is the turnout though -- four people are eligible to vote, and four people voted. 100% turnout, yay!

The two tied story ideas didn't get exactly the same scores, though. The difference is that one got a 10 and a 6 and the other got a 9 and a 7. So which of those should get picked? It gets kind of philosophical, really. Do I want to maximize happiness or minimize unhappiness? In the end, I think I'll go with the 9 & 7. The low vote (either a 6 or 7, depending on which I pick) will be a bit happier, while the high vote (a 9 or 10, depending on which I pick) will still be pretty happy with a 9-rated choice.

Yeah, that's all kind of complicated-sounding. Maybe it will make more sense when you see the results image at the end...

Winner: Scouts (8.50) (Chosen.)
 A small troop of girl scouts comes to your door, along with their older scout leader, Miss Angeline. But you soon find out that Miss Angeline has devised a far more lucrative fundraiser than mere cookie sales. She's trained her girls well in the arts of seduction, and every little step along the way comes at extortionate prices ... but she always gets her money. Because who could say no to those five adorable young girls when they're being so ... persuasive? Of course, Miss Angeline will stand by the whole time, guiding them through it to make sure that they remember everything she taught them. 
Tied For Winner: The Glade (8.50) (Not chosen.)
 It's so unfair! Why are girls allowed to play in the woods on the day of the solstice, but not boys? This colt, miffed at the unfairness of it all, sneaks out anyway. But there's a very good reason. The woods spirits come to The Glade every solstice to joyfully and innocently frolic with all the virginal girls. But if any male is present, the spirts' insatiable lust will be aroused ... and the magic of the place will infect all the young girls with that same desire. When he finally gets back to his village the next day, he's going to be very tired, mildly dehydrated, and have a lot of explaining to do about all the pregnant young girls in the village now. 
Loser: Who's Getting Shafted (5.50)
 A wife decides to find out how well her husband knows her. She meets him in the bedroom, side by side with a succubus who has transformed to look exactly like her. Her challenge: choose and fuck the real one as they both try to seduce and convince him. 
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