Hey everyone,
     I haven't made a progress update in a while. Mostly been waiting for a time that I can make a more in-depth post about what "AD" will consist of.

What's the theme?
     For those who don't know, "Altered Destiny" will be very similar to FILF, but with HINTS of modern day fantasy built into it.

Overworld Map:
Like FILF, you will have access to an overworld hub map. Not just one... but two (Past and Present)! The map will also be FULLY animated. example: https://imgur.com/2HNhXy0
    "AD" will have overall more locations than FILF, but not all locations will be available right out of the get go. More will be created later, AND many of them you won't have access to until you've upgraded your form of travel.

"AD" will, of course... consist of animation, but MORE. I want things to feel a bit more lively and have more character depth. Sexy scenes aren't the only times you experience animations, but throughout the game where a scene can benefit with a little bit of movement. example: https://imgur.com/lXQ8aly

Animated Characters on screens:
All important characters on screens will have small movement animations within them. This is another attempt to make the world feel a little bit more alive. Overall, IMO... a nice touch to achieve that.

Side Quests:
Most characters will be involved in the main quest at some point throughout the game, but many supporting cast characters will have their very own avoidable side quests with specialized scenes. Take for example Lily Pearl (shown above). She will help you within the main quest, but also consists of unlock-able sexy transformation scenes. Another will reside within a retro arcade that will come at a later update.

Sketch Quest:
You, the MC, has a talent of drawing. As you explore the world, you'll find inspirational ideas for your drawings. When you've found all within a specific idea, you'll be able to sketch a scene and experience it! Think of it as secret images, but full on scenes. These scenes are NOT cannon and will consist of sexy parodies and interesting themes that I believe you'll enjoy.


"AD", as it progresses will have A LOT for you to do and experience and I'm excited to get the first version for you, once it's ready. I'll release more information to you as as I progress through my work. Streams to start up again, VERY soon.