Hello, dudes.
How have you been? Another week has passed... Freaking Borderlands 3 is dropping in a few days. Damn... September 13th used to seem like a such a far away date, and yet, here we are... Oh, right, almost forgot: WELCOME TO ANOTHER MONDAY POST!

About stuff.
To be honest I don't have any news to share so I will be just talking about random stuff. For example, did you watch Nintendo Direct last week? I did. Yes I still worship at the Switch Altair. Switch is love - Switch is life. Moving on.

About Astral Chain.
(Drawing above is not by me, obviously). By now this wonderful game completely surpassed my expectations several times. I even had to put my Fire Emblem Three Houses romancing activities on hold to play Astral Chain. At this point I just feel like no matter what I say about Astral Chain it won't do the game justice.

The List.
Everything I said above got me thinking... What would be my all-time-favorite games list look like? Hm... Probably something like this:

1. Persona 4 GOLDEN
2. Persona 3
3. Astral Chain
4. SSX3

About this week.
I spent this week putting together the scenes for episode 08. Still have a lot of work ahead of me. And one I am done with the scenes I will start working on the sound... This update is shaping up to be a rather substantial one. At least that's how it feels like to work on it. Let's hope it will feel that way to play through it too.

About Tokyo Mirage Sessions.
Do you follow the whole censorship drama? I do. If the game releases uncensored and with a Japanese audio option this will be a day-one-buy for me. Nothing has been confirmed so far, so all one can do at this point is hope...

Trials of Mana.
I just wanna say that that game look really good so far... ^_^

The work.
It's been 11 weeks since Episode 07 was released for the patrons. (Minus to weeks I spent on my vacation and we have 9 weeks already spent on developing episode 8). So yeah, episode 08 is taking a while. (GODDAMIT!) Oh, well, all I can do at this point is hope that it will be worth it. Thank you for your understanding, dudes.

Almost at 8000.
Yay, I am almost at 8000 followers mark on twitter. Nothing valiadates my existence on this earth like the amount of followers I have on the "best site ever" - Twitter. And it only took me 10 years. Well, anyway, I already have the "Thank You For 8000 follows!" drawing ready. Hope to share it soon :)

The Teaser. Here is another random choice menu screenshot. Hopefully this will do :)

That's it.
I think I'll wrap it up here for this week's post. Thank you for your support. I honestly can't wait to share the next episode with you and see what you guys think. Very excited. But it needs to be done right, and that means some more waiting for you. Love you all.

The Gif.
Right, the gif, of course. Here you go! Best of luck surviving another week!