The weekly update has arrived!

A slightly smaller update this week as I get various things in place for next week's MEET THE COUNCIL update! Yes, next week you'll finally get to meet all the members of The Council that you saw in the prologue! In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this week's update :)


  • Kana: New Love Event
  • Kana: New hidden event (related to the secret decoration!)
  • Asteria: New Story Event - Meet the Minotaur!
  • Jessica: New Mini Event (repeatable) - talk to her at the pool on the weekend
  • Decorations: You can now decorate the Manor bedroom
  • Decorations: 2 new decorations (1 secret decoration!)
  • New Manor Room - Garden
  • Daydreams: You can now Daydream again in the Manor Bedroom
  • New Shop: Pharmacy!
  • Misc: Moved the "Stop Exploring" button to the far-right
  • Misc: You can no longer enter the Act One Finale without completing all quests.
  • Bug: Fixed a few Act One and Act Two bugs
  • Bug: Typos. Always typos...


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