(Repost from Patreon, moving the NSFW posts here. One of the daily sketches.)

2.28.19 - "Faint"

"It's me, it's me, you've come to take
My duality awakes
By midnight time I could not see,
If I were you or you were me"

I have been an art failure this month. :x

But I've been writing! ><

I also usually have YouTube playing on monitor 2, and one of the series I've been watching has been Jesse Cox and Dodger play through Life is Strange 2. During Chapter 2, a song called "I Found a Way" plays a part, and both a cover is sung/played by one of the characters, and the original version by First Aid Kit plays through the end. And it's been a damn inspiring song for me, so I... Had it playing in my head as I was sketching. Lyrics are from that.

To further talk about the title. At the time of this, Snowhawk and Adian as a couple wasn't cannon. Now, in the rewrite, it totally is, but this would be a sort of dream from one of them.