080 - Akabur Did An Oopsie!

Hi, guys.
This is Monday Post 80. We are slowly closing in on a 100, my dudes. And without missing a single Monday too. Jokes aside I honestly think it's pretty damn impressive that I somehow managed to dish out 80 posts in a row. Not to pat myself on a back or anything, but shit happens and any number of things could have gone wrong and ruined at least a couple of these post, but no :) Every Monday, at 3.p.m. Moscow time new post pops up without fail. Here is to safe sailing to post 100 and beyond! ^_^

First things first. I am away on a trip at the moment so this will be your bonafide, bare bones, proof of life post :)

To be honest
this was probably not the best time to go on small vacation, but the way I usually work I never feel like there is ever a right time to take a vacation anyways. I had a chance to go visit my old man and decided to take it. And to be honest I felt like I could use a break for a while now. And it's been a year since I went on my last vacation so it's kind of does make sense. This will definitely push the release date of the next episode a couple weeks further, but I know I don't need to worry about you guys holding it against me. Right? :)

Sharing a series of Genie fanart's. Thank you, V.Porosh, very cool.

The Oopsie.
Now let's address the oopsie. Last week I made a joke about getting married in a mobile game and it went completely over the heads of about 90% of you, guys. That's mostly my fault of course, I should've made it a bit more clear that I didn't get married in real life. I sincerely appreciate all the comments but let's just make things abundantly clear this time. THIS IS MY WIFE:

The work.
It's been 7 weeks since Episode 07 was released for the patrons. Like I said I am away from home right now so I didn't get any work done for the past several days. And I mean none at all. A strange feeling to be honest, but I think I needed this break. And when even I myself acknowledge that I need a break it usually means that I REALLY need one. I have my laptop with me so it's not completely impossible to work on some codes for example, but I probably won't and will spend these few days barely using my laptop. I am already way behind on my emails, tweets, youtube vids and everything else... But it kind of feels nice to try and pretend to be an actual person for a change. To spend evenings chatting with relatives and eat a lot of home made food. 

Just to be clear.
I am not talking about going on a trip in an MMORPG or something. I went away to visit my old man and take it slow for a few days. IN REAL LIFE.

No teaser. Most of my work files are back home so I can't share any teasers this time. Thank you for your support guys. I will most likely be back home for the next Monday Post. Love you all. Episode 08 will be the best thing ever :)

Oh, that's right. Almost forgot. Here is your family friendly gif for this week.