'Is It Summer Yet?' - Pages 092 to 097

 Neeeeeeew update!

Oh, you're out of the loop with this comic? You can read the whole thing here.

Well, it certainly has felt like forever, not just IISY, which always takes a while, but just drawing in general :T

This is a key point I had been looking forward to for quite a while :>

For starters, explaining Charlie's condition a bit better, and by having a small conflict between Vale and Jessi have the first becoming more humble and the second more sympathetic, after all the first thing Jessica thought of when learning about Charlie's condition was how she could profit off of it, but she ended up going along with keeping it a secret, if it was out of genuine empathy or simply fear of Vale cutting her guts it's not really that important now, what I wanted was to make Jessi feel more sympathetic about Charlie's transformation without her inclussion into the "group" feeling forced. Since her initial reaction was actually quite natural.
Like Christine I want her to appear more often, this is just her third appearance, she's been showing up like every 40 pages or so.

There's a couple background characters for Patsyjj, Sbalio and one for KAASKOP1997, that last one actually a doctor, or dokter, It's spelt weird, I know :V 


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