August Story Voting Results

Glad to see lots of people participating this time! ^.^

Winner: She's Such A Doll (8.75)
 The Princess wants her brother, the Prince, more than anything. But 
incest taboos and potential scandal are getting in the way. The Princess
 finds out, though, that life-size and life-like sex dolls of herself 
are being sold in upscale shops. She gets an idea: if she can coax her 
brother into buying one, she could sneak in and take its place. As long 
as she doesn't move -- at all -- he'll never know the difference. 
Runner Up: Den of Depravity (8.33)
 A stallion stumbles his way into a den of very young vixens while their mother is away ... his attempts at self-restraint are admirable, but he doesn't stand a chance 
Loser: Revenge Porn (5.00)
 It turns out that bullying a male succubus (incubus) is a particularly bad idea, even when it's a group of you doing it. It's amazing just how fast he can seduce each and every one of their girlfriends, film the raunchiest of pornos, and publish their cum-covered faces on every porn site the web has to offer. 

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