The Repurposing Center (public) 0.4.24(a)

Note 1: For those curious, the next build contains the entire stage 2 of the Feminization branch of the Fem/Sissy Trainer content, which entails of 6 new major narative encounters and 3 branches to end the stage. There are also some new morning transformations for those on the bimbo branch of the Fem/Sissy Trainer content. So, if that sounds exciting to you, maybe check it out ^_^
Hey everyone, and welcome to a new public build. This current build is currently at 1,757,094 words, and 2337 passages, so about 45k new words (and a lot of coding/editing). This one was significantly tougher to get finished than expected, especially with some of the code, but I think it should be a lot of fun too. In particular this build covers the rest of the Sissy (S2) path of the Fem/Sissy trainer content, more specifically the next 4 narrative encounters, additions to the morning transformations, and new morning chastity re-application (for those put in chastity).
There is a lot of new chastity integration, along with specific chastity content on the Sissy path where Laura can become the player's key-holder. Players can also get into the chastity content through Alice's Experimentation Lab or through the Chess Man forfeits. As with any major content addition though, I am without a doubt that there will be chastity instances I've missed, and potentially new bugs, so please bear with me as those are all sorted.
For those less interested in the sissy or chastity content, there is an important new Tilly date, and a hot new gangbang scene in the Degredationist Brothel job. I've also done some important overhauls to how random encounters work, and adding in options to allow the player to alter the random encounter rates too, which I think will give some people the customization there that they've been looking for.
Recently I've been working on a wiki for the game, which will cover all  sorts of interesting behind-the-scenes information on how the various  gameplay elements work, along with providing quest guides. There is  certainly still work to do on it, but if you need a helping hand, or  just want to check it out, then you can find it on the official website  -> here
The main content is; Fem/Sissy Trainer Sissy (S2) Content, Chastity Integration, Chastity Experiments/Forfeits/Countermeasures, Tilly Date, Degredationist Brothel Gangbang, Random Encounter Rate Options
1/ Fem/Sissy Trainer Sissy (S2) Content - Since the last update 4 new major narrative encounters on the sissy branch have been added to the game. These cover; a movie trip with Laura (with potential oral sex), the player potentially being put in chastity, the player having the task system explained to them (the task system is currently not in the game), and the end of stage 2 branching encounter.
On top of all of that I've also added in new morning transformations, some of which are only accessible after finishing the sissy stage 2 branch. These transformations include hip growth, shoulder width shrinking, hair growth, and small breast growth for sissy players amongst other things. Morning chastity interactions will also occur if the player gets out of chastity whilst having been put in it for Laura, forcing the player back into chastity.
2/ Chastity Integration - Lots of chastity integration has been added to the game rounding out the efforts made in the previous build. In theory chastity should now be fully integrated into the game, meaning that the correct descriptions of the players chastity (or the disallowance from certain content) will play in every circumstance. I foresee some minor instances slipping through the gaps to be fixed later, but chastity is now fully working (theoretically).
3/ Chastity Experiments/Forfeits/Countermeasures - Players can now be put in chastity at Alice's Experimentation Lab or by the Chess Man (the player will need to have chastity play active as a fetish). Players will be given a random appropriate chastity device in these instances, with players also being given 1000 G.G.P for volunteering at the Experimentation Lab. Meanwhile, the cost to remove all chastity locked onto the player is 5000 G.G.P, also at Alice's Experimentation Lab.
4/ Tilly Date - A new Tilly date is now available for players who have over 80 relationship with her and also have seen all other major date scenes. In this new date the player is invited over to Tilly's apartment where she's cooked for them. This date scene also triggers the start of Tilly's personal quest, though that is obviously not in the game yet.
5/ Degredationist Brothel Gangbang - A new bound gangbang scene is now available on the normal path for the Degredationist Brothel. This scene sees the player bound down to a mattress, with 2/3 (depending on whether the player has a vagina) men having sex with them at the same time, along with a number of onlookers. With a bit of body-writing added in, this scene is one of the first group sex scenes I've written in the game.
6/ Random Encounter Rate Options - As part of the chastity integration I also went around overhauling the random encounter system. Part of this was back-end related, intended to make it easier for me to add new ones in the future. However, part of this was related to determining the random encounter rate, with travel encounters and sandbox encounters having a different rate of occurrence (travel encounters are more likely to occur). Players can now set their encounter rates at character creation or through the options menu.
Other additions included; Mainly this build is pretty focused, however, there are a lot of new bug fixes and variable additions. Further, I've added a few new underwear images to the game for underwear options on the Fem/Sissy Trainer content that didn't previously have images.
Change Log:
- Sissy Trainer movie visit - In the first of the new Sissy Trainer visits the player will be taken by Laura to see a new period drama movie. On that trip the player will be propositioned by a random stranger (randomly determined to be male or female).
- Sissy Trainer chastity visit - In this night visit the player will have chastity explained to them and may be placed in chastity. If the player has been behaving, or does not have the chastity fetish active, they will be given the choice to either be put in chastity or not. The chastity device they are put in will be randomly selected based on their genitals.
- Sissy Trainer tasks visit - As part of the third new Sissy Trainer visit the player will have the tasks system explained to them. Currently this content isn't active, but when it is this is where it will begin for the player.
- Sissy Trainer grading visit - For the final encounter in stage 2 of the sissy branch, the player will be graded on how slutty Laura percieves them to be. Players will then be placed either on the sweet sissy or the slutty sissy branch going forward, and will receive a new sissification booster.
- Sissy Trainer extra credit assignment - Players who fail to get onto the sweet branch, or who did but want to make some extra money (5000 G.G.P if they made it onto the sweet branch), can opt into another extra credit assigment. In this assignment the player sits on an anal dildo attachment for a sybian, and has to work a glory hole (randomly male or female clients).
- Sissy Trainer new morning transformations - New morning transformations have been added on the Fem/Sissy Trainer content. Some of these transformations will also now go further than previously for those with the major booster given at the end of the S2 content.
- Sissy Trainer morning chastity - Players who have been put in chastity by Laura, and who manage to get out of their chastity, will be put back in chastity.
- Deg Brothel gangbang encounter - A new Deg Brothel encounter on the normal side of the job has been added where the player has group sex with a bunch of men whilst in bondage.
- Tilly home cooked meal date start - Players can now go on a new major date with Tilly once hitting 80 relationship score with her. This date starts with Tilly taking the player back to her home, showing off her neighbourhood on the way.
- Tilly home cooked meal date main - After getting to Tilly's home on the new date players will be treated to a home-cooked meal made by Tilly. During the date they'll find out more about her feelings and backstory, leading to the beginning of Tilly's personal quest.
- Travel encounter rate option - Players now are able to control the rate of encounters they receive when travelling to or from tablet locations. This option is selectable at character creation or from the options menu.
- Sandbox encounter rate option - Players now are able to control the rate of encounters they receive when walking around sandbox locations. This option is selectable at character creation or from the options menu.
- Travel to work/training/date chastity - All the random encounters when travelling to tablet locations have been updated for chastity content.
- Travel from work/training/date chastity - All the random encounters when travelling back from tablet locations have been updated for chastity content.
- Sandbox random encounter chastity - All the sandbox random encounters have been updated for chastity content.
- Chastity experiment - Players can now be paid 1000 G.G.P at Alice's Experimentation Lab to be put in chastity. The chastity device selected will be randomised, though will only be chastity cages or chastity belts.
- Chastity removal countermeasure - Players can now pay 5000 G.G.P at Alice's Experimentation Lab to have all of their chastity devices unlocked and removed.
- Chess Man chastity forfeit - Players who have the chastity fetish active in their game can now be put in chastity as a major forfeit from the Chess Man.
- Kissing booth text tag fix (Thank you CboyC95)
- Industrial Dairy chastity fix (Thank you Harley)
- Fem/Sissy Trainer morning transformations fix (Thank you PBKurisu)
- Exhib Prost job looping fix (Thank you PBKurisu & Azzy)
- Club B job scene fix (Thank you PBKurisu)
- Morning makeup cost fix (Thank you PBKurisu)
- Riley recognition (Thank you CboyC95)
- Poor kid background description fixed (Thank you AMagicalCampFan2)
- Intro transformation description minor edit (Thank you Sorter)
- Hint/Tips conditions explanations (Suggested by AMagicalCampFan2)
- Felicity typo fix (Thank you Anosse)
- Various typo fixes (Thank you Draco)
- Mari typo fixes (Thank you Crizice)
- Bimbo interrupt encounters fixed (Thank you JuliusTheSlouch & Harley)
- Exhib training bug (Thank you PBKurisu)
- Feeding trough fix (Thank you Harley)
- Club B job fix (Thank you LadyDeath1138)
- Jess pregnant errors fix (Thank you; youngethan, Carl, Random_Guy, and Muffin)
- Alice room pregnancy error (Thank you Faker)
- Darius typo fix (Thank you Blake)
- Fem/Sissy morning error (Thank you Laloo & Blake)
- ABDL Polly + Aurora nap scene fix (Thank you Muffin)
- ABDL extra chastity integration (Thank you Eclipse Wolfheart)
- Wardrobe chastity fix (Thank you Drakkon)
- Hair comb/brush fix (Thank you Anosse)
- Travel to location bug fix (Thank you Lilestrasza)
- 1 new outfit for the Feminization branch of the Fem/Sissy Trainer content
- Fem/Sissy morning transformation loop bug fix.
- Maid For Service Allie bug working hours fix.
- 5 new Silverjile underwear images.
- Tilly's personal quest's basic quest-log entry.
- Chastity key-holder descriptions updated.
- Major sissification booster trait added.
- Random encounter code overhaul.
- Lots of new variables
- A few minor bug fixes.
Hope you have fun :)