Hey guys!

I updated the public version of the game to v. 0.135!

Click three times on Caron’s boobs in the main menu to unlock the gallery.

If you find any bugs - please make a screenshot or a video with detailed explanation for me. I am active on our Discord server, so it’s the best place to report bugs to me.

Full changelog (0.135):


Fixed bugs/improvements:
  • Major game size and performance optimization;
  • Jump height issue was fixed;
  • You can enable VSync in Settings to lock the framerate of the game on your device now, also you can disable the stealth bonus from the background, it may increase the performance of the game on some mobile devices. We don’t recommend using VSync if the performance of the game is okay on your device;
  • Enemy AI will react on barehanded attack damage, as well as it will call the friends for backup more often;
  • Decoy device will stabilize enemy AI awareness instead of raising it with each use;
  • HE grenade was nerfed;
  • Poison gas grenade will kill the enemies faster, but it can raise the alarm if the enemy awareness was raised enough;
  • Rendering order for bullets, grenades and their effects was corrected;
  • Receiving Kira x Sigolla device will unlock its scenes in the animation gallery without using the device first;
  • The updated information about takedowns was added into tutorial/help.

Stay tuned for updates, thanks for your patience!