The Proteus Effect 0.7.2 / 0.8 Dual Release!


0.8 is now (finally) released to Patrons, which means that 0.7.2 is available to the public!

Release 0.7: The Dark Pits tells the story of Alex, Ana and the Bunnies as they explore the titular dungeon, meet infuriating (and cute) allies, and struggle to defeat the imposing master of the subterranean realm.


  • Added the rest of The Dark Pits dungeon

  • Added 4 new quests

  • Added succubus H-scene (2 paths, one of which is futa x male)

  • Revamped H-scene Progression: It is now easier to find many scenes, and some scenes that were impossible to get if you missed them the first time can now be obtained

  • Added starter for legendary quest chain!



This release incorporates some changes from 0.8 - namely the default difficulty is now easier than in previous versions of 0.7.x. If you're up for a challenge, though, give hard mode a shot!

I hope you enjoy it!