The weekly PUBLIC update has arrived!

A brand-new game mechanic this week - decorate your flat! There's only six decorations at the moment, but more will be added with each update. Buy them from the Shops with money earned by working at Lily's bar.

  • NOTE: If you are loading an old save from your flat and you get image errors when decorating, just leave your flat and return and the images will be working. Then just save your game again and it'll work fine when you load it up in the future. (Thanks to GhillieNDAMist5 for pointing this out!)


  • Coding tweaks, including new layered imaging for Pixie

  • Bugfix: Added succubus scene to Extras gallery

  • New mechanic! Decorate your flat!

  • New Shop (The "FUN-ITURE!")

  • New decoration items: (1 bed, 2 ornaments, 3 posters)

  • Continuation of Chastity storyline (VOTE WINNER!)

I hope you enjoy! Next Subscriber update will be on next Sunday, 21st of July!


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