A Quick Update

Sorry there's hasn't been a build release just yet this month, I've been primarily focusing on writing game documentation for Our Apartment and writing planing and stuff. But I've decided to wrap that up for now to get back to dev. 

So far the document is about 37 pages long, and I expect it to be finished at around or near 50 cause i haven't quite finished typing up some more intricate mechanics stuff, and certain details that are more story focused that still need to be planned out. 

I'll release some clear descriptions of coming gameplay, some mock ups, stuff like that probably before the end of the month. But before that you'll get some new animation content as I implement stuff like lipsync.

AND BEFORE THAT, I gotta set up a new PC. MiNT who is currently out of town at a new job, still recovering from that BS last year. Is giving me a PC he built last year! So that should drastically speed up asset production since stuff like Marvelous Designer, Blender Animations and Unity processing will be insanely faster compared to my current 8-9 year old pc. But setting up a PC and reinstalling/transferring everything then also fucking around a bit cause I've never owned a PC that powerful before.

So yeah, that's all for now. Thanks for your support!