The Repurposing Center (public) 0.4.21(a)

Note 1: The next game build (that is  the current Patreon build) covers a combination of major new additions to the Fem/Sissy Trainer content, and some interesting random other content. In terms of the Fem/Sissy Trainer a number of smaller changes have been made, along with the addition of 5 new complex scenes which lead the player up to the branch point for whether they'll be trained as a sissy or a woman (including a slow transformation that occurs after that point). In terms of other content permanent piercings now exist, players can sell their lactation to the cat-girls of Pussy Lickers, and Allie's second task is now in the game. If  any of that sounds interesting to you, then maybe check it out ^_^
Hey everyone, and welcome to a new public build. This current build is currently at 1,618,986 words, and 2270 passages, so about 40k new words (with large amounts of code that aren't included in that number).  This build covers a variety of topics, and should have something for everyone, though players with penises will probably find the most new content. In particular, this build adds in two new impregnation options (Alice and Jasmine) with their relevant sex scenes, a cum system tracking how much the player has in their balls (and using up that cum when having sex - including some interaction with pregnancy content), and finishing up the diaper content from the previous build.
Hopefully something there sounds fun, so lets get to what specifically has been added ^_^
Recently I've been working on a wiki for the game, which will cover all  sorts of interesting behind-the-scenes information on how the various  gameplay elements work, along with providing quest guides. There is  certainly still work to do on it, but if you need a helping hand, or  just want to check it out, then you can find it on the official website  -> here
The main content is; Alice Sex, Jasmine Sex & Conversations, Alice & Jasmine Impregnation, The Cum System, Spunkies Cum Store, Cum Milking, Diaper System Overhaul Finishing Touches.
1/ Alice Sex - Players can now have sex with Alice after she becomes your roommate. This option requires the player to either have a penis, or to own a strap-on, and sees the player ask her for sex but for Alice to turn the encounter around so that she's on top. Players who are virile can impregnate her with this sex.
2/ Jasmine Sex & Conversations - Players can now have sex with Jasmine after asking about her sex life. This option requires the player to have a penis, or to own a strap-on, and sees the player to fuck her doggy-style on her desk. Players who are virile can impregnate her with this sex. As part of the new Jasmine content there are also three conversation interactions to allow players to get to know her better.
3/ Alice & Jasmine Impregnation - Alice and Jasmine can now get impregnated by the player. This includes; pregnancy discovery scenes, birthing scenes, new pregnant descriptions for the pair, and new pregnant character images for them too. Children born from Alice or Jasmine are extra valuable when given up for adoption due to the unique characteristics of their mothers.
4/ The Cum System - The amount of cum the player generates in their balls is now tracked by the game. When the player orgasms half of their cum is used (or all of it if they're practically empty). The cum can be sold, but also is important when trying to impregnate NPC's, increasing the impregnation chance (or lowering it when the player only has a low amount of cum to offer). There are also various booster mods the player can buy to improve their cum production, including one which allows the player to have internal testicles.
5/ Spunkies Cum Store - A new store has been added to the Medical Hub this is called 'Spunkies'. Spunkies is operated by a shy fem-boy named Sydney, and offers a range of cum production related modifications for the player to buy, and cum milkings which allow the player to sell their cum. In the future there are also plans for players to be able to buy cum from this store.
6/ Cum Milking - Players who generate cum, and who are not in chastity, can now offer to sell their cum to Spunkies. Those who do this will have a scene where they enter a 'Man-Milking' chamber, and are ... milked. Cum sells at a rate of 1ml for 1 G.G.P.
7/ Diaper System Overhaul Finishing Touches - To finish off the Diaper System Overhaul from the previous build, various minor updates have been made. Players can now have a Forced Diapers Accidents forfeit from the Chess Man's major forfeit pool, diaper change scenes now feature alternate descriptions for pull-ups and mega diapers, and there are a lot of general fixes and minor tweaks in relation to the content from the last build (or getting older content up to date with the new system).
Other additions include; Whilst the main other additions are minor alterations and bug fixes, 6 new NPC images by Silverjile have been added to the game, as has urine bottles sold by Aurora, and Lactation Booster traits in the Skills/Traits sidebar.
In other news, the winner of the main poll last month was for a batch of degrading clothing and accessories to be commissioned for the game, whilst the ABDL poll was won by Princess Sylvia. New polls for a new game 'Bad End', and a new poll for a batch of pet-play clothing, are still up if you haven't voted yet. Hopefully I'll be getting out the commission-tier thank you messages and updating the in-game 'Thank-You' list over the next few days (sorry again about the continued delays on this).
Change Log:
- The Cum System Overview - A new cum production system has been added to the game where over time players with balls produce semen. There is a storage cap on how much cum a player can contain within their body, and orgasming will either remove half of the cum the player has stored, or all of it if they only have 10ml or less stored.
- The Cum System Impregnation Integration - When having sex with a partner who can potentially be impregnated (and the player is virile), the amount of cum expended by the player in the interaction is now taken into account when determining the impregnation chance. Low amounts of sperm give a penalty to the players impregnation chance, whilst high amounts increase the impregnation chance.
- Spunkies Cum Store First Time Encounter - Spunkies, the cum store, has been added to the game. Spunkies is operated by a fem-boy named Sydney, who will introduce herself and explain the store during the players first visit.
- Spunkies Cum Store Normal Encounter - Upon normal visits to the store a scene where Sydney explains the store's basic functions will play.
- Spunkies Mod Store Stock - Spunkies sells a small selection of expensive modifications which the player can purchase, all of which improve the players stats in relation to the new cum system.
- Spunkies Mods Application - Upon purchasing a mod from Spunkies, a special scene will play where the player receives it.
- Spunkies Milking - Players who are not in chastity and have both a penis and balls (or internal balls), can ask to be sell their cum to Spunkies. They will receive 1 G.G.P for each milometer of cum, and this will play out in a special scene where they are 'milked'.
- Internal Balls Trait - A new purchase-able trait has been added to Spunkies, which allows the player to generate cum without external testicles. Players who get this and have external testicles will receive a boost to their cum production/storage.
- Cum Booster Traits - Three new booster traits have been added, which increase either the rate of cum production, the amount of cum the player can store in their balls, or both.
- (Polled) Alice Sex Scene - Players who have Alice as a roommate, and also have either a penis or a strap-on, can now ask to have sex with Alice. However, Alice doesn't necessarily take them up on the first offer. Alice can be impregnated by virile players.
- (Polled) Jasmine Sex Scene - Players who have talked to Jasmine about her sex life, and also have either a penis or a strap-on, can now offer to have casual sex with her. The player will fuck her doggy-style on her desk, and can impregnate her if they are virile.
- (Polled) Jasmine Conversation Scenes - Jasmine has three new conversation scenes so players can find out more about her.
- (Polled) Alice & Jasmine Impregnation Options - Full code to allow Alice and Jasmine to be impregnated are now in the game. This covers special children from them (hair colour, eye colour, hair, and overall type), and the general pregnancy progression.
- (Polled) Alice Pregnancy Discovery Scene - Upon discovering she is pregnant, Alice will confront the player, letting them know too. Alice isn't too happy about being impregnated, and this will lower her relationship score with the player.
- (Polled) Jasmine Pregnancy Discover Scene - Upon discovering she is pregnant, Jasmine will visit the player, letting them know too.
- (Polled) Alice Birthing Scenes - After her pregnancy comes to full term, the player will be brought to witness Alice's birthing.
- (Polled) Jasmine Birthing Scenes - After her pregnancy comes to full term, the player will be brought to witness Jasmine's birthing.
- (Polled) Alice Pregnancy Description - Upon discovering she is pregnant, Alice will now have a new pregnant character image and description.
- (Polled) Jasmine Pregnancy Description - Upon discovering she is pregnant, Jasmine will now have a new pregnant character image and description.
- Diaper change scenes have been updated to acknowledge pull-ups and mega diapers.
- The Forced Diaper Accidents trait and trait description has been added to the skills/traits sidebar.
- A Forced Diaper Accidents forfeit has been added to the major forfeit pool of The Chess Man.
- Impregnation options/code updated to allow for cyborg and fox-furry babies (from Alice and Jasmine).
- Aurora now sells urine bottles.
- Aurora's urine bottles added to the in-room pantry.
- The new cum system has stats in the examine window.
- Lactation Booster trait entries have been added to the Skills/Traits sidebar.
- Underwear bug fix (Thank you Good Gentleman)
- Mari typo edits (Thank you Crizice)
- Diaper Training max fix (Thank you JuliusTheSlouch)
- Diaper Training mastery fix (Thank you The diapered tiger)
- Upper ear piercing not detected fix (Thank you Draco)
- Upper ear pierce shop menu bug fixed (Thank you Draco)
- Patterned diaper bug fix (Thank you Draco)
- Diaper training fix (Thank you Draco)
- Diaper skill level loss fix (Thank you Draco & The diapered tiger)
- Various typo fixes (Thank you Draco)
- Diaper Racing Malus bug fix (Thank you UsernamePending)
- Spunkies shop fix (Thank you CboyC95)
- ABDL Dragon Mom adventure cookie eating with gag in bug fixed (Thank you UsernamePending)
- Height typo fixed (Thank you Sorreah)
- Self diaper change bug fixed (Thank you WubWubPwny & CboyC95)
- Jess roommate image fix (Thank you Good Gentleman & Serendipity)
- Thank you list from August 2020 - May 2021 updated.
- Watersports diaper fix.
- Agnes milk scene fix.
- Jess pregnancy image fix.
- Food/Drink diaper content fix.
- Cum type macro.
- 6 new character images by Silverjile.
- New character images added to the game and in-game gallery.
- New variables added.
- A few minor bug fixes.
Hope you have fun :)