4th The Repurposing Center Anniversary Plans

Hello everyone ^_^
We've reached that time of year again to mark the milestone of the game development continuing. Now we're 4 years into development and going on strong, I wanted to do something special to reward you all for your support! 
As such, want to explain my plans for this anniversary celebration, run down some of the big achievements of this development year, and explain a little bit about what my major plans are for the year we're about to start!
Before all that, once again thank you all for your continued interest and support, I really couldn't do any of this without you ^_^
Anniversary Plans
To celebrate this anniversary, I wanted to do something special, as some years previously I've kind of skipped over it. As such, the major plans are:
  • A Patreon poll to determine which major area of content. or thing that I've ignored for too long, that I'll revisit. 
  • A Discord/TFGames Forum  poll (totalled between the two) to determine which apartment room you'd like to see added next. 
  • The unveiling of the modular room system, which may not make it into the game this month, but marks another major goal for the game that's on the horizon.
  • Work on the long-awaited Fem/Sissy Trainer content (coming along well so far).

4th Year Development Milestones
This isn't anything conclusive, but just a general run-down of some of the major things added over the last year:
  • The Jess Quest
  • Sex toys
  • Snacks and drinks
  • More clothing stores (especially ones for masculine characters)
  • The Roommates/Slaves system
  • Piercings
  • The huge ABDL Diaper Racing mini-game expansion
  • Expanding on the Cat-Girl Cafe content
  • Pregnancy/Impregnation
  • The modular avatar character image system
  • Cum tracking/milking
  • The ABDL Diaper/Potty system overhaul

The above list is nowhere near exhaustive, but is a greatest hits of the bigger elements in my opinion. That's also not mentioning the work on the website, the Discord server, and the game's wiki.
We've had a fun and content-filled year for sure, but I'm sure in the upcoming year we can manage much more. I'm especially excited to get back to writing Trainer and job content, along with the teased apartment system explained in more detail below.
General 5th Year Development Plans 
With a new year also comes the plans for what I'm going to do next. There are various big things I want to do, including; getting more jobs (and more jobs with progression paths within them) added to the game, working on more dating content, adding more trainer content, putting hunger/thirst into the game, reworking the skill system so players can learn skills more naturally over time (such as giving lots of oral improves your oral skill), adding in the planned slave school location, overhauling the punishment system, and much more.
Instead, today I'm going to outline two of the major things that I want to get added to the game this year, with the first of those being the Apartment System overhaul, whilst the second major thing is my plans to hugely overhaul and expand the Trainer content.
 Apartment System
One thing I've noticed repeatedly over time is that the player doesn't have a lot to do in the late game, with few long-term goals. To remedy that, and to give the player more customization options, I've thought up the Apartment System overhaul, where players will be able to buy expensive additional expansions for their apartment which will offer them convenient bonuses and benefits.
Below (examples 1-3) I showcase the modular image for the bedroom in various configurations.
Example 1
Example 2
Example 3
This apartment expansion will also offer more than just visual customization for the player's personal space. Currently, I have developed four extra rooms; a kitchen, a bathroom, a slave dungeon, and a living room. The kitchen will be used to help with the hunger/thirst system, the bathroom will be a more convenient and efficient version of the Dormitory Bathroom, and the Slave Dungeon will be tied to a planned area of content where players can enslave, train, and sell randomly generated NPC's. Examples of these options are shown below.
Example 4
Example 5
Example 6
The last thing to say about the plans for the apartment system currently is that seeing as the player will need to buy all these upgrades and customizations from somebody, a new NPC will be added to the game. The planned character is a tom-boy named Piper, who you can get a sneak peak at below too.
Piper the tom-boy handy-woman
Plans For General Trainer Content
The in-game trainers have for a good while been something that I've not been 100% happy with. I think they are a good idea, meant to give players a more focused play through, but as they currently are they just aren't developed enough. That's why I've devised this list of changes I plan to make to the trainer content.
My first plan for the various trainer options is to make them have more tiers. As it stands currently, there just aren't that many stages of the trainer paths, causing them to lack any real feeling of progression. To counter this I hope to have more stages, with branching paths on the trainer content, increasing replay value, and giving the player some important decisions to make.
The second part of my plan is to add in more unmissable encounters within the various stages. The intention here is that by adding in smaller one-time interactions with the trainers, that the player will again feel a better sense of progression, and can have more naturally pick which branch of the trainer path they'll follow through multiple decisions.
Next, as the third part of my plan I want to add more requirements placed on the player by their trainers. Whether these are one-time requirements to wear certain types of clothing, general life-style habits, sexual objectives, or being told to go to a specific job or training, these requirements would put an active decision in front of the player whether they were going to comply or not. Further, depending on the trainer and requirement, the consequences might vary too, from one-time punishments, to increasing your punishment score, and potentially more severe consequences (such as chastity).
Finally, I want to make it so that trainer encounters don't happen every night. Nightly visits with every single trainer is just too much, especially for players who pick multiple trainers. I don't want to make the visits too infrequent so they become a grind, but I think them not necessarily happening every day would feel more organic.
Plans For Fem/Sissy Trainer Content
More specifically, for the Fem/Sissy Trainer content, I want to break it down into the following branches.
Stage 1 = Basic Feminization (girly hairstyles, a little makeup, some lessons on how to be girly/feminine)
Stage 2 = Basic Sissy (teasing, feminine behaviour and appearance training, potentially chastity), or Advanced Feminization (feminine transformations, feminine behaviour training, more regular makeup and hairstyling style visits)
Stage 3 (Previously Sissy Branch) =  Girly Sissy (teasing, chastity, sweet girly behaviour and appearance training), or Slutty Sissy (teasing, chastity, sexual punishments and requirements, slutty appearance and behaviour training)
Stage 3 (Previously Feminization Branch) =  Bimbo (extreme feminine transformations, bimbo behaviour and appearance training, sex training requirements, potentially sexual requirements, potentially bimbo hypnosis requirements), or Slut (slutty and degrading behaviour and appearance training, sex training requirements, sexual requirements), or Housewife (sweet behaviour and appearance training, training in traditionally feminine matters, potentially submissiveness training)
Laura will remain the trainer throughout this entire section of content. Her intentions will be to earnestly train the player to be a good woman. However, if she gets the sense they want to remain (or become) a man, then she'll instead convert them into a sissy, though this will be well signposted so players don't end up accidentally having it happen. She generally won't engage in direct sexual contact with players, though might in certain specific paths.
More generally, unlike what is currently in place, there will be more one-time encounters with the player where she asks about what they are interested in. I also know that I want to have optional endings for the player at the end of each path as a reward for going through all of that training. 
My final consideration is that I want there to be benefits to following the various trainer paths through to their major milestones. The plans for this are to offer traits to players at various points, some which relate to their 'training', where the skills they've received will offer financial boosts in certain jobs, whilst some will be transformation/mod related changing the player slowly over time (constant penis shrinkage on the sissy path, always having a penis on the sissy path, always having breasts on the feminization path, always having a vagina on the feminization path, femininity score increases over time for both paths).
Phew, that was a long post. If you've read all of that, then give yourself a pat on the back.
Happy gaming ^_^